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College of Architecture and Planning University of Colorado Denver

Colorado Center For Community Development

Sense of Place


Building Upon a Community’s Unique Character and Values

For many residents, there is a place or cultural aspect of a community that endears them to that place. It may be that there is a humble, but beloved coffee shop that is frequented by residents from all walks of life. It may be a small, unmarked path that provides a vista that is scenic. It may be a quirky tradition that has beginnings unknown but carried forward by each new generation.

Successful creative placemaking identifies both the physical and intangible attributes of a community and finds ways to preserve that community’s distinctiveness. CCCD partners with communities to both identify these attributes, and find ways to protect them from disappearing. Examples include aligning values statements with land use codes, mapping treasured sites and storytelling as a method for identifying what residents value most about their community.

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