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Facilities Management

University of Colorado Denver Facilities Management


Permit Parking

Staff/Student/Faculty Parking


  • Staff or faculty employed at the university are given preference for parking on campus
  • Only students enrolled in CU Denver or CU Anschutz Medical Campus programs are given preference for parking on campus
  • A one-time, non-refundable $10 activation fee is charged for all new accounts and for any parking accounts that have been inactive for six consecutive months
  • New accounts are pro-rated on a half month basis only, depending on when the account is activated


Parking permits and entry cards are not transferable between individuals


  • Parking access cannot be loaned, leased, borrowed or in any way transferred from one person to another. Such transfers may result in the individuals (or carpool's) parking privileges being revoked
  • All university faculty, staff, students and tenants who wish to park in the permit-only parking lots and garages, must participate in the University Parking Program
  • Staff, students or faculty who do not participate in the parking program may park in visitor designated areas and pay the daily parking rate


Reserved Parking

Reserved permit parking is located in various areas in the surface parking lots and in the Henderson Parking structure for those wishing closer parking, but at a higher permit cost of $75 per month.

Spaces will not be assigned – instead, sections will be designated where a special permit will be required. The number of spaces for reserved permit parking will be based on supply and demand, thus ensuring that space is always available for those who wish to utilize this parking option.


  • Reserved Parking permits are not transferable between individuals Parking access cannot be loaned, leased, borrowed or in any way transferred from one person to another. Such transfers may result in the individuals parking privileges being revoked
  • Permitted drivers are responsible to display their permit per the instructions of the Parking and Transportation Services Division at all times
  • If an individual fails to properly display his/her reserved permit the vehicle may be ticketed
  • All university faculty, staff and tenants who wish to park in the Reserved permit-only areas, must participate in the University Parking Program Reserved Permit Parking Areas at the Anschutz Medical Campus (PDF)

2015/2016 Student Permit Rates


  • Students: $36/month
  • Permit parking after hours and weekends only: No Charge. 6:00pm to 6:00am – Access in or out of the lot will be denied outside of this time frame. Those still in the lot after 6:00am will be required to pay the hourly parking rate upon exit.
  • Reserved Parking: $75/month
  • Carpool: $36/month
  • Short Term Weekly Parking (1 to 8 weeks): $10/week 
  • Manage Your Student Parking Permit Online (Please note: You must have established parking at the Parking Office before you will be able to manage your parking account online.)


2015/2016 Staff/Faculty Permit Rates


  • Part time (less than 20 hours/week): $36/month
  • Carpool: $36/month
  • Classified Staff: $57/month
  • Faculty/Professional Exempt: $57/month
  • Non-University Affiliates: $57/month
  • Reserved Parking: $75/month
  • Short Term Weekly Parking (1 to 8 weeks): $15/week 
  • Faculty and Staff parking is paid monthly via a payroll deduction. Visit the Parking Office to establish your parking account.

2014/2015 Student Permit Rates 

2014/2015 Downtown Auraria Campus Student Permit Parking Rates

Please direct Auraria Campus Parking Questions to a Parking Service Representative at (303)-556-2003.  


2014/2015 Staff/Faculty Permit Rates

The University of Colorado Denver Downtown Campus parking program has been significantly and increasingly subsidized by the general fund. This subsidy has resulted in a reduction of funds available to maintain the buildings. The downtown parking program must be supported more fully by parking revenue. However, in doing so the rates for parking permits in the University of Colorado Denver garages downtown are still maintained below current market rates. The average market non-reserved rate is $180 per month and the average reserved rate is $224 per month. If the University of Colorado Denver garage rates were not subsidized, they would be nearly double the rates below.


The Staff/Faculty permit rates are as follows:


Current Market Rate 2010 / 2011 2011 / 2012 2012 / 2013 2013 / 2014 2014 / 2015
Reserved $224 $140 $140 $140 $140 $140
Daytime Only $224 $125 $125 $125 $125 $125
Tandem n/a $95 $95 $95 $95 $95




Staff/Student/Faculty Parking

  • Staff, Students and Faculty at CU South Denver are issued permits to park in the the lot.
  • There is not a fee associated with staff, student or faculty permit parking at CU South Denver.
  • University parking is designated on the east side of the parking facility and is outlined in red below.
  • Parking permits can be obtained from the Adminstrative Offices at CU South Denver.













Parking Permits

  • Parking permits should not be loaned, borrowed or transferred from one person to another. The permits are specifically assigned to the individual in which they are issued.  
  • All university faculty, staff, and students who wish to park at CU South Denver must obtain a University parking permit.
  • Parking permits for CU South Denver are not reciprocal. They are not valid when parking at the Anschutz Medical Campus, Auraria Campus, University of Colorado Boulder Campus, or the UCCS Campus. 
  • When parking at any of the other campuses please park in visitor parking and pay the required parking fees.





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