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Facilities Management

University of Colorado Denver Facilities Management

Facilities Projects

Construction Bids and Request for Proposals

Current Construction Bids and RFPs

14_0418 B401 Mold Repair - Addendum 24/18/20144/23/201414_0418 B401 Mold - Addendum 2
14_0414 2014 SCPP RFP - Revised RFP Advertisement4/15/20145/5/201414_0414 RFP Ad Revised
14_0414 2014 SCPP RFP - Addendum 14/15/20145/5/201414_0414 Addendum 1
14_0414 2014 SCPP RFP - Revised RFP Document4/15/20145/5/201414_0414 2014 SCPP RFP Revised
14_0414 B500 Chancellors Suite - Ad for Bids - Advertisement4/14/20144/25/201414_0414 2-Step BIDS Advertisement
14_0414 B500 Chancellors Suite - Ad for Bids - Two-Step Pre-Qual Packet4/14/20144/25/201414_0414 Ad for Bids - Two-Step Pre-Qual Packet
14_0414 B401 Mold Repair - Addendum 14/14/20144/23/201414_0414 B401 Mold - Addendum 1
14_0414 B401 Mold Repair - CU Denver Contractor Qualification Statement4/14/20144/23/201414_0414 CU Denver Contractor Qualification Statement
14_0409 B401 Mold Repair - Documented Quote Advertisement4/9/20144/23/201414_0409 B401 Mold Repair DQ Posted
14_0409 B401 Mold Repair - Bid Docs4/9/20144/23/201414_0409 B401 Mold Repair Bid Docs
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