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Facilities Management

Staffing Goals


Facilities Management Department staff play a critical role in the day to day ongoing operations of the university campuses by supporting the facilities projects process, managing and maintaining Facilities Management programs, providing a safe physical environment, and enhancing the quality of life of a diverse campus culture. Hiring, recruiting, and retention of high quality staff is essential to the success of the department and in meeting the overall university mission of education, research, patient care and community service. To that end goals have been established to facilitate education, training and promotional opportunities and to develop and maintain hiring processes to identify and recruit a diverse staff.

GOAL 6 Facilitate education, training and promotional opportunities.

Objective 6.1 Develop and Implement Career Development and Succession Plan Strategies

Measurement 6.1.1 Using analysis of Promotions data from current and prior year department and university data, achieve 25% promotional opportunities being filled internally in Labor, Trades and Crafts (LTC) Classifications

The Labor, Trades and Crafts (LTC) Classifications make up approximately 51% of the Facilities Management staff. Providing promotional opportunities for staff who are both familiar with our campuses and strong performers ensures a higher level of quality for the university. Providing a comprehensive training program is important to the success of the department and each staff member. Once individuals are trained, they become a valuable contributor to a smooth running Facilities Operations Department.

GOAL 7 Develop and maintain hiring processes to identify and recruit a diverse staff.

Objective 7.1 Establish ongoing Internship Programs

Measurement 7.1.1 Using vacancy filled documentation from workforce statistics of current and prior year, achieve 1% fill rate in Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) by individuals in the Facilities Operations Internship Program

An Internship program has been developed with vocational schools in the area. The Interns go through a comprehensive training program and have a mentor assigned from within the BMO staff. Through this program, the interns gain technical skills as well as a familiarity with the campuses including equipment and building systems. Preparing these interns to advance into the BMO workforce is a benefit to Facilities Operations and the university.

Objective 7.2 Retain Pipe/Mechanical Trades I (PMT I) Employees

Measurement 7.2.1 Utilizing Retention Rates from Department data and State of Colorado Workforce Report, increase retention rate by a total of 10% over the next 3 years

The Pipe/Mechanical Trades (PMT) Classification is part of the Labor, Trades and Crafts classification series as designated by the State of Colorado. The PMT group has the highest number of FTE’s in the department and within that group the PMT I’s are the largest single classification. The PMT I staff play a key role and perform such functions as Building Proctors, Shift Staff to cover evenings and weekends, other sub-journey level jobs. Several programs have been implemented to attract good employees, provide appropriate and meaningful training where staff are motivated to complete it successfully, and establish compensation strategies that enhance recruitment and retention of PMT I employees.

Additionally, workforce trends are provided by the State of Colorado for the entire Labor, Trades, and Crafts occupational group as a reference. 

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