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Chancellor's Communique

Post-election message, 11-10-16

Dear colleagues,

Many members of our university community are feeling a range of emotions following the election. CU Denver takes great pride in being a diverse, inclusive community that values all different perspectives, a place where competing ideas are heard and discussed respectfully. This is what we stand for regardless of external events.

I encourage you, our faculty and staff, to help us live up to our values by modelling the behavior we want our students to use. We are responsible for helping our students understand and value differing viewpoints and ideas as they form their own opinions. Our differences are a distinct advantage if we bring everyone into the conversation. We have asked our students to be considerate of how their words and actions might impact others – and I ask for your help in encouraging this, as well. 

As a reminder, our campus offers many forms of assistance and support to students. Please take a moment to review the resources listed below: 

  • Counseling and other services are available to faculty and staff through the Colorado State Employees Assistance Program. You may refer students to free and confidential counseling services at the  Student and Community Counseling Center.
  • If you witness or are subject to harassment or discrimination, please report the incident to the Office of Equity so the university can investigate and follow up.   
  • Please contact the CARE Team to report students who are acting out inappropriately or whose behavior is concerning.
  • To request that a case manager​ follow up with a student who appears to be struggling, contact the Office of Case Management.
  • Educational Opportunity Programs, located in the Student Commons Building, Suite 2007 (303-315-1880) offers support and resources to everyone, with a focus on Latin@, Asian American, American Indian, and Black student issues.
  • LGBTQ Student Resource Center , located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite 213 (303-556-6333) provides a safe space for all to explore, learn and increase their understanding of issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.
I value each of you and your unique perspective, and I am grateful to be a part of a diverse, engaged university community that is known for supporting others during times of transition. I beli​eve we can all help each other continue to be successful by working and listening together. Thank you for the important role you play in helping this university remain a place of curiosity and exploration where differing ideas are discussed and respected. 

Dorothy Horrell

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