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Graduate Degrees

College of Arts & Media

The College of Arts & Media offers two graduate degrees in the recording arts discipline. Both of these degrees are a Master's of Science in Recording Arts with one specializing in media forensics.

Graduate Degrees

Recording Arts (Master of Science)

Explore the latest analog and digital technologies used in studio recording, sound reinforcement and electronic music, as well as the opportunity to master the artistic applications of those technologies to recording, composition and performance.

The city of Denver provides unique internship and employment opportunities during your enrollment&and after graduation. With easy access from either coast, we’re able to bring an impressive list of visiting artists and guest lecturers to campus each year, experts in production engineering, live recording techniques, as well as historical and new developments in professional audio synthesis.

The Recording Arts faculty is comprised of internationally renowned recording arts experts preeminently qualified in their fields.

More information about the Master's of Science in Recording Arts including the application is available here.  

Recording Arts – Media Forensics (Master of Science)​

Media forensics is scientific study into the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of audio, video, and image evidence obtained during the course of investigations and litigious proceedings. 

The National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) is an education and research center of the University of Colorado Denver, College of Arts & Media, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department and was created with the assistance of the Department of Justice including the National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Key goals of the NCMF are to:

  • Provide a world-class Master's degree program.

  • Provide continuing education opportunities for law enforcement and private forensic scientists.

  • Conduct basic and applied research.

For additional information email:​​