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College of Arts & Media

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the College of Arts & Media offers 14 programs – 4 in Department of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies​; 2 BAs (Art History and Studio Arts) and 8 BFAs in Visual Arts Department and 2 in Theatre (BA) and Film and Television (BFA) in the Film & Television Production Department.

Department of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies

The Department of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS)​ offers a Bachelor of Science in Music designed to prepare students for a variety of alternative careers in the arts and entertainment industries. The MEIS Department primarily focuses on commercial music styles. Students are given the option to choose from four distinct emphasis areas of study: Performance, Singer/Songwriter, Music Business, and Recording Arts*.

Students are given the option of choosing from two structured programs, the audition track and the non-audition track. The audition track requires the successful completion of an entrance audition and provides an in-depth study of musicianship and performance. The non-audition track does not require an audition and provides a broader overview of various musicianship and performance topics. 

Admission to the BS in Music degree is selective and competitive, regardless of emphasis. Please refer to the Fall 2015 MEIS Major Entrance Requirements​ for more information. 

*Please note: The Recording Arts Emphasis has an additional competitive admission application that is separate and distinct from the competitive admission to the MEIS Department. Students can be accepted as “pre-Recording Arts” but must go through the Upper Division Recording Arts application process (usually Sophomore year) and be accepted into the emphasis area in order to take the upper division (3000/4000 level) audio production courses. Please visit our website for complete information. 

The MEIS Department no longer accepts students for the Music Minor.


The Department of Theatre, Film, & Video Production offers students the opportunity to become knowledgeable about working in both Theatre and Film while delving into their special area of interest. ​Degree emphasis areas include Theatre Emphasis BA  and Film and Television BFA​. 


The Department of Visual Arts provides an educational environment where artists and art historians of promise and motivation can explore the horizons of their own talents in the midst of intense critical dialogue. The primary educational experience for the student is centered on the knowledge and skills gained from rigorous and structured courses offered by the various areas of the Visual Arts Department, as well as the rich academic offerings throughout the university. The Visual Arts Department’s efforts are devoted not only to the refinement of visual skills, but to the articulation and cultivation of the mind. Degree emphasis areas include, Art History, Digital AnimationDigital DesignPainting and Drawing, Illustration, Photography, Scientific Media Design, Studio Arts, and TransmediaSculpture​​.

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