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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Department of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS)

College of Arts & Media

Underground Music Showcase
MEIS students Mike and Rob Moroni

The Music & Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS) Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Music designed to prepare students for a variety of alternative careers in the arts and entertainment industries. The MEIS Department primarily focuses on commercial music styles. Students are given the option to choose from four distinct emphasis areas of study: Performance, Singer/Songwriter, Music Business, and Recording Arts*.

Our Bachelor of Science in Music provides students with opportunities to:

  • Work one-on-one with professors and instructors in small classes.
  • Develop a strong foundation in musicianship, performance, and music history.
  • Project the culmination of an academic and artistic journey, and celebrate passage into the next phase of development through senior portfolios, recitals, and capstone projects.
  • Learn how to proceed into areas of professional practice or progress to advanced studies in graduate school.
  • Pursue internship opportunities in a variety of dynamic industries.
  • Explore musical abilities outside of the classroom through independent projects.


The MEIS Department prides itself on its cutting-edge technology and pristine performance facilities including:

  • 5 Recording Studios
    • Three studios include Surround Sound capabilities.
    • Four studios are ProTools HD equipped.
    • Consoles include Portico 5088, Yamaha DM2000, DigiDesign Control 24 and Mackie 32x8 Bus.
    • Workstations include ProTools, LogicPro and others for mastering, sequencing and synthesis applications.
  • Large inventory of microphones and outboard equipment.
  • Vintage keys collection which includes DX-7, ARP Odyssey, ARP 2600, MiniMoog, PolyMoog, D-10, YC-30, B3, and Rhodes.
  • MIDI lab featuring ProTools & Logic.
  • 16-station piano lab featuring Apple Macintosh iMac computers with a wide selection of musical and songwriting/composition software applications.
  • Eight private teaching studios for voice, piano, guitar, bass, strings, horn, drum kit, and percussion.
  • 12 student practice suites.
  • Supplemental access to 3 College of Arts & Media computer labs.
  • The King Academic & Performing Arts Center  which houses a 500-seat Concert Hall, 200-seat Recital Hall, and Recording Facility.

Please visit our portfolio site for images of our facilities at: 

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Music, the MEIS Department also offers a Master of Science in Recording Arts.

Want to meet with a faculty member in your area of interest? Want to meet with an academic advisor to learn more about degree requirements? Give us a call at (303) 556-2279. 


The MEIS Department offers a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (BS) in Music with an emphasis in:

     Music Business (Audition and Non-Audition Track)
     Recording Arts* (Audition and Non-Audition Track)

*The Recording Arts area has an additional competitive admission application that is separate and distinct from the competitive admission to the MEIS Department.


MEIS Major Requirements & Degree Plans (BS)

The Music and Entertainment Industry Studies program has two main tracks: the Audition Track and the Non-Audition track.  The Audition Track strongly emphasizes performance and musicianship while the Non-Audition Track is designed for students who are not currently musicians and provides a broad overview of various performance and musicianship topics. Students who wish to pursue the Performance or Singer/Songwriter emphasis must complete an audition as part of their application requirements. Students who wish to pursue the Music Business or Recording Arts emphasis may opt to complete the Audition Track or the Non-Audition Track. The Audition Track requires students to complete an audition as part of their application requirements.  

Learn more about the Audition vs. Non-Audition Track.

Please see below for a further explanation of the four emphasis areas in the Bachelor of Science in Music degree program.  If you have any further questions, please see the CU Denver Course Catalog , or contact a CAM advisor for more information.

Performance:  Students perfect their talents and increase their overall musical understanding and appreciation in jazz, pop/rock, commercial, classical, and experimental music styles.  The program includes specialized courses in small performance ensembles, applied study, contemporary improvisation, and analysis, culminating in the presentation of a junior and senior recital.

Explore this emphasis or contact a CAM advisor for further information.   

Singer/Songwriter: This innovative emphasis targets Singer/Songwriters who perform their own original compositions. Students develop performance, arranging, and songwriting skills to enter a highly competitive market as both singers and instrumental a accompanists.
Explore this emphasis or contact a CAM advisor for further information.

Music Business: 
This program prepares students for careers in the rapidly expanding music business industry; graduates are able to enter such fields as artist management, music publishing, concert promotion, and record production.  This Performance Based Studies emphasis develops numerous skills relative to the successful playing, promotion, and appreciation of music. 

Explore this emphasis or contact a CAM advisor for further information.

Recording Arts:  This area of study addresses contemporary technology in studio recording, sound reinforcement, audio for film and television, surround sound, and electronic music; it is intended to develop skills for creative musicians, producers, and technicians using both analog and digital technology.

Explore this emphasis or contact a CAM advisor for further information.


Any student wishing to study in the MEIS Department must be admitted as both a student of the University of Colorado Denver and as a Music major. Admission into the MEIS Department is selective and based on several factors including previous academic records, the student's test score on the AMMA Exam, and audition performance (if applicable). For more information on the MEIS Entrance Requirements please refer to the MEIS Admissions page. All audition information can also be found on the MEIS Admissions page.

Students who wish to transfer to the College of Arts & Media from another college or school at the University of Colorado Denver must formally apply to the MEIS Department.  Students will be considered for admission on their overall GPA from CU and all previous institutions as well as the additional MEIS Entrance Requirements.

To learn more about the admissions process, auditioning, or to answer any questions you might have, please contact the College of Arts & Media’s Advising Office or 303.556.2279.