Brand Refresh T-shirt Design Contest

At CU Denver, we are grounded and authentic, we exist to serve and offer real opportunities—high-quality education, internships, apprenticeships, jobs, social mobility—for real people: our students. 

As part of CU Denver brand refresh, we are inviting all students to participate in a T-shirt Design Contest. Three designs will be selected by a panel of judges, and students will vote on their favorite via the university’s Instagram (@cudenver). The winner will have their design printed on exclusive T-shirts to be given away throughout the end of the year celebrations in April and May. 

Learn more about our new brand and style guide

CU Denver Students wearing CU Denver shirts walking around campus

Design Requirements

  • Make it cool, simple, and awesome!
  • Your design must be your own original, unpublished work non-AI generated. By entering the competition, you agree that your submission is your own work, and CU Denver has exclusive rights to use your design on a free T-shirt for students
  • Although the front of the design is primary, you may also use the back of the T-shirt in your overall design.
  • This T-shirt is intended for adults of all genders. 
  • This design will be printed on a white T-shirt.
  • Your design colors and fonts must be chosen from the list below.
  • Logos are optional, (official CU Denver logos can be found here). Logos cannot be edited. Please refer to the CU Denver Brand Book to ensure proper white space and logo usage.
  • The designer can incorporate their signature into the design in an unobtrusive way.
  • Designers must follow all contest rules to be considered for voting. By participating, you give your permission to CU Denver to slightly modify design elements that do not adhere exactly to the contest rules.  

Fonts and Colors


Helvetica Neue Family


Primary Colors

CU Gold: CMYK 0/11/40/19

Spring Snow: CMYK 0/0/0/0

CU Black: 0/0/0/100

Secondary Colors

City Heights Sandstone: CMYK 5/6/15/0

Centennial Teal: CMYK 81/9/41/15

Light Gray:  CMYK 16/11/11/29

Dark Gray: CMYK 38/28/21/63

Tertiary Colors

Skyline Slate: CMYK 86/29/21/67

Auraria Sunset: CMYK 0/58/65/0

Brick by Brick: CMYK 0/76/100/0

Cherry Creek: CMYK 5/100/55/28

Submission Requirements

Submit your design by emailing it to by 5:00 p.m. (MT) on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

Acceptable file types:

  • Illustrator or .eps preferred.
  • Photoshop, JPG, or PDF are also accepted.
  • The art will need to be 300dpi at full scale.
  • Please be sure to make your design to scale.


Voting will take place on the university’s Instagram (@cudenver).