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Richard Tobin

Richard Tobin, PhD

Therapeutic Potential of Targeting MCL1 to Improve Cancer Therapies

This project aims to address the challenges of discovering effective therapies for cancers, particularly melanoma, by focusing on improving immunotherapies. Despite notable advancements, a significant percentage of melanoma patients do not respond or relapse from current treatments. The researchers propose investigating MCL1 expression in myeloid-derived suppressive cells (MDSCs) as a potential biomarker to predict response/resistance to immunotherapies. Additionally, they aim to explore the therapeutic potential of MCL1 inhibitors to enhance the efficacy of current immunotherapies. The research team comprises experts in BCL2 family targeting, clinical research for immunotherapies, and designing melanoma clinical trials, making this an interdisciplinary effort with promising potential to advance cancer treatment. Collaborators: Yiqun Shellman, PhD, Martin McCarter, MD and Theresa Medina, MD

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