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Materials Transfer Agreements

Office of Grants & Contracts

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) | Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreements (CDAs/NDAs)

​​​Children's Hosp​​ital of Colorado (CHCO) Researchers and Research Teams:

This portal is only used to submit CDA/NDA’s for research projects performed at CHCO.
CTA’s, MTA’s, DUA and BAA’s for projects performed at CHCO have a different routing process.
Guidance for CTA/BAA/DUA or MTA execution can be obtained via

For non-CHCO Agreements: All new MTA, CDA, and NDA requests are routed through the Clinical Research Administration Office (CRAO) via our web-based intake form.

Requirements for MTA and CDA Review:

  1. Complete our web-based intake form.
    • Answer all questions.
    • Include as much information as possible to help us review your agreement in the comment boxes.
    • Upload all pertinent documents. We can’t begin our review until this step is complete.

  2. Based on your intake form answers, the MTA or CDA/NDA will be routed and processed accordingly. Negotiations will be handled by the CRAO Contracts Team.