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Comparative Pathology Shared Resource


Clinical Pathology

  • Hematology (including microvolume, essential for rodent serial sampling)
  • Complete blood cell count and white blood cell differential
  • Bone marrow evaluation (see image)
  • Serum biochemistry – including:
    • AST, Mg, Amylase, lipase, ALT, ALP, GGT, TBil, glucose, albumin, BUN, creatine, phosphorus, TP, Ca, Na, K, Cl
  • Urine and cerebral spinal fluid analysis
  • Cytology
Lymphocytic leukemia  

Mouse on ruler

Anatomic Pathology*

  • Gross necropsy
  • Images
  • Organ weights
  • Gross and Microscopic necropsy (Complete)
  • Biopsy of selected tissues
  • Slide evaluation

*in partnership with OLAR and Colorado State University​

Additional Services**

  • Training for tissue handling techniques, organ identification, or sample submission for you and your laboratory
  • Severity grading (1=; 2=, etc) and data interpretation
  • Laboratory meeting discussions
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Necropsy tissue collection protocol
​​​​​​**provided by partnership with CPSR. OLAR, CSU and the Histopathology Core​