Student Employment

Postings for Student Workers and Student Faculty Positions are required. Notify students within school or college where postings will be available for all openings. 

Options include:

  • Post continuous posting on Handshake 
  • Post continuous posting on School/College website 

Reminder: Cannot approve appointment types into any title for current student workers or student faculty.

Work Study

Work-Study is a financial aid award that allows undergraduate and graduate students to work part-time to earn money to pay for educational expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the recipient's course of study. Students earning work-study funds are paid bi-weekly. If awarded work-study, students may search open positions on the Handshake job board. Students can be awarded Federal or Colorado Work Study. 

Not sure if you have Work-Study? It will be a specific line item in your financial aid award package located in your student portal. 


Student Hourly

Student Hourly positions are on-campus positions funded by a university department’s budget. Work-study and/or financial aid is not required for this type of employment. All hourly students must be enrolled in some credit-earning capacity during the semester in which you are employed. 


What you will need to hire a student:

Personal Information Worksheet 
Run Background Check 
Run HireRight I9 
Confirmed Funding 
Vacant Position Number 
Ensure Job Effective Date is the agreed upon start date​ (Please hire students at the beginning of a biweekly pay period)​ 

International Student employees will need to schedule an appointment with CU Denver International Tax Specialist.