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Declaration of Unprecedented Times

The COAHEC Program Office has declared Unprecedented Times effective March 16, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The COAHEC Program Office is guided by the direction of National and Colorado public health agencies; Anschutz Medical Campus directives and guidelines; COAHEC mission; unique AHEC regional issues and concerns and the protection of all Anschutz Medical Campus students and COAHEC housing hosts. 

Please note, COAHEC Program Office is working remotely and has not been permitted full access to campus.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work remotely and are responding to your requests as quickly as possible.


Policies specific to the current "Unprecedented Times" are found in the tabs below.  The date of the current policy is found within the tabbed document.​

COAHEC PO - Operational changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic – April 28, 2020


Per the latest communiqué from Don Elliman, Chancellor of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (AMC), all Colorado AHEC Program Office (COAHEC PO) personnel are working from home (WFH).  (Please refer to COVID-19 Housing Policy Tab (above) regarding changes in housing processes.)
These are currently the specific changes to operations for COAHEC PO. As this is a very fluid situation, we will respond to changing AMC directives as quickly as we can under the circumstances. 
We have recently had to cancel upcoming events if they are unable to convert to an online format.
           Southern UTE Summer Health Institute scheduled for May 31- June 6 this year, 
              We are offering an online version of this program.
           Pre-health Advisors Day, scheduled for June 17 this year, has been converted                     to online-only June 17, 2020.
           The AHEC Career Exploration Camp (ACEP), July 31- June 6, has been canceled. 
           Networking, Education, and Research (NEAR) Biennial conference scheduled 
               We are offering virtual sessions, if you would like more information please                            contact
           Mini Med is a virtual event
​​           National Western Stock Show has been canceled for January 2021 

Please note:


·     Deliveries will continue to be sent to the campus. Joseph Martinez will arrange pickup using prescribed social distancing measures.


·     To contact COAHEC PO, please email the PO team member listed below, as necessary for your specific issue.  Please email Ken Tadikonda at if you are unclear about which team member to contact.​​​

Unprecedented Event: COVID-19

Housing Operations During COVID-19

Effective: April 28, 2020


A.   Please refer to the COAHEC Housing Policy for the specific rotation (e.g. Away, LIC, Extended…)

B.   Where the COAHEC Housing Policy operations contradict this Unprecedented Policy, these operations supersede the existing policy.

a.   Where possible, COAHEC housing policies are still in effect.

b.   Be assured that COAHEC/AMC schools will maintain efforts to adhere to housing policy timelines. 

C.    Understand that COVID-19 is serious and unpredictable and allow that we are responding as rapidly and safely as we can.

a.   COAHEC PO is guided by the direction of National and Colorado public health agencies; AMC directives and guidelines; COAHEC mission; unique AHEC regional issues and concerns; and the protection of all AMC students and COAHEC housing hosts. We are unable to predict every possible situation and thus as other issues arise we will respond on a case by case basis.

D.   We will update these COVID-19 operations on this webpage and as the AMC landscape changes with the evolution of the COVID-19 virus. The date above shows the last date of updates and is current at this time.

E.     COVID-19 changes to COAHEC Housing Policy:

a.   AMC schools are unduly burdened by costs associated with changing timelines beyond their control. AMC schools may have to cancel a rotation at the express direction of AMC School administration or the AMC Chancellor with very little notice. COVID-19 thus necessitates we do not hold AMC schools to the 14-day requirement to cancel prior to the start of a rotation. Instead, AMC schools may cancel rotations up until seven days prior to the start of the rotation without any payment penalty. 

b.   If a rotation must be canceled and thus shortened while the student is occupying arranged housing, the AMC school is responsible for paying through the end of the rotation or 14 days from the cancellation date of the rotation, whichever is less.

                                 i. COAHEC RO should not prepay a host for greater than 14 days, as this may cause undue financial hardship for the regional office should a cancellation occur as AMC schools will not be able to cover that cost.

c.    COAHEC ROs will keep an updated poll of their hosts/lessors capacity or desire to house students during the COVID-19 crisis and be able to produce these polls to COAHEC PO within a week of the initial ask, then updating the list every Monday with changes. We are unable to predict every possible situation and thus as other issues arise we will respond on a case by case basis.​

                                 i. This requires COAHEC ROs to keep open ongoing discussions with their hosts/lessors about:

1.   Changing deadlines and the latest updates to rotation start dates, and

2.   That these guidelines are changed due to state and county mandates (see 3. Above) to AMC schools. 

F.    For the protection of COAHEC hosts who desire a COVID test of student before entering the home, COAHEC is bound to follow the official policy as stated herein from the AMC SOM who has only been able to put out a protocol for health workers:  


There is not capacity in the state to test asymptomatic people.  We will follow this protocol.


“Question: What if I was exposed to a co-worker who tested positive for COVID-19?


-       If you were exposed to a co-worker who tests positive for COVID-19, contact employee health, and monitor for influenza-like illness (ILI) or upper respiratory infection (URI) symptoms. Casual contact (walking past someone in a hall, being in an elevator) is not considered exposure.

-       If ILI or URI symptoms develop, contact employee health immediately for screening and testing.

-       If test result is positive, may return to work when:

o   72 hours fever-free (temp <= 100.4F) without the use of anti-pyretics and 7 days from symptom onset and symptoms improved.

o   If the test result is negative, you may return to work when 24 hours fever-free (temp <= 100.4F) without the use of anti-pyretics.

-       If, after returning to work, you are still coughing, you must mask for the duration of the cough. Employees providing direct patient care must wear a medical mask.”



G.    For the protection of AMC student: See quoted current protocol in #6 above.

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