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Neuroscience: Curriculum - Cerebellum

Neuroscience Program Curriculum

The program's goal is to provide a broad and solid foundation of understanding in neuroscience, and to train critical thinkers who identify important problems, generate experimentally testable hypothesis, and who draw significant conclusions from results of their ongoing research in a specific area of neuroscience. All Neuroscience students complete courses consisting of basic instruction in the fields of molecular biology and cell biology as well as cellular, systems and developmental neurobiology. For Ph.D. students, the core courses are completed by spring semester of the first year. For M.D./Ph.D. students, the schedule is more flexible and revolves around the demands of the medical school curriculum.

After the initial period of coursework, students choose their specialty fields from a diverse list of topics. They proceed with research in their specialty areas until the generation and defense of a thesis leads to the award of a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Students complete the core set of courses and three research rotations in the first year.