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Neuroscience Electives

NRSC 7670 - Advanced Topics in Neuroscience

A course for advanced students, focusing on the state-of-the-art in specific research areas in neuroscience. Topics will vary, with each being offered approximately once every three years based on student demand. These include:

      • neural systems development
      • neuropeptides
      • synaptogenesis
      • brain transplants
      • molecular plasticity
      • long term potentiation
      • sensory transduction
      • others

*Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one advanced topic course per year starting with their second year of training and continuing until completion of their doctoral work.

NRSC 7614 - Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders (2 units)

This elective, for basic sciences graduate students and medial students, provides a survey of the current clinical and molecular aspects of human neuropsychiatric disorders. Both movement disorders and DSMIV diagnoses will be covered.

Many other courses including Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Molecular Genetics, Immunology, Biostatistics are offered by departments on campus and can be taken as electives by students needing further background for their thesis research.