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What to Expect

Students seeking admission into our program should have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent. Foreign students must also take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A baccalaureate degree in either a biological science, chemistry, physics or engineering is recommended. Applicants are strongly encouraged to take an undergraduate level biochemistry course. There is no absolute requirement for grade point average above that required by the graduate school, but successful applicants will generally have GPAs above 3.2 (A=4.0). Undergraduate research experience is strongly recommended. Students with deficiencies may be admitted, but these must be rectified during the first year. The GRE is no longer required.

Application Procedures

An applicant for admission must submit the following:

      1. Part I and Part II of the Graduate School application (combined in the on-line application)
      2. One official transcript of all academic work completed to date. To be consider "official", the transcripts must come from the issuing institution directly to the CU graduate program
      3. A $50 non-refundable application fee* [credit card (on-line only), check, or money order]. An application will not be processed without payment. *$70 for International applications.
      4. Three (3) letters of recommendation
      5. TOEFL scores and financial support verification (international students)
      6. State of Colorado residency form (part of the on-line application) 
​​           *The GRE is no longer required​​​

All application materials including transcripts (with the exception of TOEFL, or other test scores) should be sent directly to the program address:

Mail Official Transcript(s) to:

University of Colorado Denver- Graduate Admissions 
Campus Box 163 
PO Box 173364 
Denver, CO 80217

DHL, FEDEX transcript(s) to:

​University of Colorado Denver- Graduate Admission
1380 Lawrence Street 
Denver, CO 80204

Electronic Transcripts for all basic science graduate programs should be sent to:

The Neuroscience application deadline is December 1. All credentials presented for admission become the property of the University of Colorado.