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Student Assistance Office The friendly staff in this office does it all, from providing information about affordable housing to planning fun student activities throughout the year.
Financial Aid Students in the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics  Program receive a stipend which will easily support one person living in the Denver area. Many students do qualify for additional financial aid, if desired.
Student Health Insurance All full-time enrolled students automatically qualify for student health insurance.
Office of the Registrar Click on this site for general information. Current students can access this website using a PIN number, allowing them to view current transcripts or to update their personal address if they move.
Parking Operations Students can obtain a permit for a minimal monthly fee. Many students live close enough to walk.
Office of Diversity The University of Colorado has as its overall mission “to educate health professionals and to improve human health.” In keeping with this mission, the institution is committed to working toward a more diverse campus community.
Health Sciences Library Besides books and journals, the library provides numerous other resources, including access to computers and a variety of free classes.
Campus Bookstore A convenient place to buy all the typical campus bookstore items: paper, pens, notebooks, textbooks, snacks, greeting cards, etc.

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