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Connecting Public Health Across Colorado & Beyond

Sometimes you need to build a bridge in order to make a connection. And we know a little about building bridges: across institutions, organizations, interests and communities. Now we are taking that experience and translating it to help you.

Whether you are a student, an alum, a professional or a friend, we consider you part of our community. The resources available to you through the Colorado School of Public Health will ensure you remain connected and supported in your work.

Consider us your bridge in public health.

Striving for Excellence in Public Health Practice

The field of public health is constantly evolving. Every day as we make positive changes and advancements in one area, newer problems arise as a result of the ever-changing world around us.

At the Colorado School of Public Health, we strive for excellence in practice so that you have the tools and insights needed to make a difference in our changing world.

Public health practice occurs when we take our knowledge, skills and competencies and collectively use them to improve population health. This occurs through organized, strategic, interdisciplinary action. We work with you to provide seamless essential public health services and make positive change in your community.

Community Outreach  

Practice-Engaged, Life-Long Learning

Our public health practice engages our students and community in life-long education and learning. This includes practice-intensive graduate courses, as well as field-based learning, career skills training and professional development, and state-of-the-art workforce development and online learning for continuing education.

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Public Health Practice  

Practice-Engaged Research & Evaluation

At the Colorado School of Public Health, our centers provide a full range of services for public health programs including practice-engaged research and evaluation. Our experts can help you study the attitudes, behaviors, and potential interventions related to public health, as well as help facilitate decision-making processes with diverse groups of community members and public health leaders. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your group in your important work ahead.

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Connecting Public Health Across Colorado & Beyond

We believe a public platform is the best way for interdisciplinary leaders to engage in dialogue on pressing and sensitive priorities and emerging public health issues. Our Center for Public Health Practice brings people together to convene conversations in both seminars and symposiums. Some of the topics have included:

  • The Role of Public Health in the Success of Health Care Reform: Closing the Gaps
  • Patient Navigation in the New Population Health System
  • Nutrition Policy
  • Oil and Gas Development: Public Health and the Environment
  • Marijuana and Public Health: The Evidence Base for Health Protection in Colorado
  • Ebola and Public Health
  • Obesity and Public Health

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