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Non-Degree Programs

Application Deadlines:
May 25, 2020 (Summer 2020)
August 24, 2020 (Fall 2020)​
January 18, 2021 (Spring 2021)

The non-degree application cycle is now open. We would encourage you to apply in advance of this deadline as certain components of the application require processing time.

Instructions for Applying and Registering as a Non-Degree Student
 Non-degree students on the Anschutz Medical Campus register in one of three schools/colleges depending on the course they wish to take. It is important to follow the correct instructions and complete the appropriate application for the non-degree course(s) that you want. Students interested in apply to and registering for courses in the basic biomedical sciences should do so using the non-degree application offered through the Graduate School.

Any student who has taken a Colorado School of Public Health course as a non-degree student in the last three semesters should skip steps 1-2 and start with step 3.​​

International students should visit the International Admissions page​ to review the International Admissions Requirements. 


Application Process

 Step 1

If you have not taken any ColoradoSPH courses as a non-degree student in the past three semesters, you must start by applying to receive non-degree student status with the Colorado School of Public Health. Click here to complete the initial step of applying.


 Step 2

Select the following options when completing the application: 
  • Career:  “Graduate Non-degree”
  • Application Details: "Graduate Non-Degree Admissions"
  • Academic Interest: "General Nondegree", choose "Public Health Nondegree" from the dropdown

Complete all other information, save, and submit the form. A confirmation will be sent once the form is submitted. You are required to pay a $50 application fee ($75 for international applicants) and submit an unofficial transcript, a resume, and a course permission form with your application.**

**Kempe Center Summer Institute students only need to submit the application, the fee and a letter from their program director. 


 Step 3


To enroll in a course, download the Permission Form

This is a fillable PDF, which allows for electronic signatures. Complete the form and obtain the instructors’ signatures* indicating their permission for you to take the courses. Applicants must present to the instructor responsible for the course, documentation of sufficient academic background to show adequate preparedness for the course in question. Obtaining the instructors’ permission does not assure your registration in the courses. 

After obtaining the instructors’ signatures, submit the form to the Office of Student Affairs at the ColoradoSPH (Building 500, 3rd Floor, Room E3360) or email to​​.



 Step 4

Starting one week before the start of classes for the semester**, you may register for the courses using the online registration system UCD Access.

If a course is full, you will be able to enter the waitlist for the course. Check back frequently to see if you have been enrolled in the course from the waitlist as you will not receive an email confirmation that you have moved from the waitlist into the course. The drop/add deadline for each semester is published in the academic calendar.

You have until this date to add or drop courses. A late fee of $60.00 will be assessed for registration after the drop/add deadline. After the drop/add deadline, you must obtain the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs permission to withdraw from a class.  

 Step 5

By email, you will receive a bill from the Bursar’s Office for the courses.  You must pay for the courses by the stated deadline, which is 2 weeks after the start of classes.

If a class is dropped after the drop/add deadline, a “W” will appear on the official transcript and the student will be responsible for paying the full tuition and fees for the course.  Dropping courses after the drop/add deadlines will result in 0% tuition reimbursement.​​​​

​​Tuition and Fees

Click Here for Tuition Rates 

  • A one-time matriculation fee of $140 is charged for first time enrollment at any University of Colorado campus.
  • A $50 application fee is charged to apply for non-degree status. If more than 3 semesters has elapsed since taking courses in non-degree status, the student must reapply and repay the non-degree application fee.
  • Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, scholarships or tuition assistance.
  • Non-degree students may use an employee tuition waiver if eligible. See waiver rules and instructions. Waiver students are not allowed to enroll in courses until the first day of classes.  Employees may be disqualified for current and future participation in the tuition waiver program if enrollment occurs prior to first day of classes. It is also not allowable to enroll before the first day of classes and then drop the class and re-enroll on the first day of classes under the tuition waiver benefit.

Other General Information
  • Courses at ColoradoSPH may not be audited. However, a student may register for a course for no credit and pay the full tuition and fees. Students must designate “No Credit” by the appropriate deadlines as set forth by the Registrar’s Office. No Credit forms are available from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus Registrar’s Office.
  • Students currently enrolled in a non-ColoradoSPH program must obtain permission from their Department Chairperson or Academic Advisor to register for a non-degree course.
  • If you enroll in a ColoradoSPH MPH or Certificate Program at a later date, a total of 9 credit hours taken as non-degree student may be applied to the program. You must receive a grade of B- or better to apply credits.​ 


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