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EHOH 6614 Intro to Environmental & Occupational Health 3.0 cr.

(Fall, Spring)

Students will learn about the relationship betw(een the environment, workplace and health. Topics include facets of industrial hygiene, air and water pollution, radiation monitoring, toxicology, occupational medicine, policy, environmental justice and sustainability. Methods include risk assessment, GIS and epidemiology.

EHOH 6616 Environmental & Occupational Toxicology 3.0 cr.


Presents an overview of information needed to assess the relationship between the environment, workplace and health. Topics include facets of industrial hygiene, air and water pollution, radiation monitoring, toxicology studies, clinical occupational medicine and biologic monitoring.

EHOH 6617 Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology 3.0 cr.

(Spring) Prereq: EHOH 6614

Overall goal of course is to provide a background in epidemiology of diseases related to environmental and/or occupational exposures. Application of epidemiologic research methods to determine and prevent such diseases will be discussed.

EHOH 6618 Environmental Health Policy and Practice 3.0 cr.

(Spring) Prereq: EHOH 6614

Examine the environmental policy-making and planning and regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to controlling environmental hazards. A wide variety of topics will be introduced with cross-disciplinary perspectives ranging from water and air to the built environment and climate change.

EHOH 6619 Health Effects and Exposure Assessment 3.0 cr.

(Fall) Prereq: EHOH 6614 Coreq: EPID 6630

This course integrates earth sciences, exposure sciences and biological sciences to understand conditions and circumstances of recent env/occ exposure events, the methods to assess exposures; and related health impacts. Case studies and laboratory exercises are used to guide instruction.

EHOH 6620 Risk Analysis & Decision Making 3.0 cr.

(Fall) Prereq: BIOS 6601, EHOH 6614

A general survey of risk analysis and risk-based decision making covering the basic components of risk assessment, communication, and management and how they are applied in various fields.

EHOH 6621 GIS for Public Health Research/Practice 3.0 cr.

(Fall, Spring)

This course will expose students to the fundamentals of Health Geographic Information Systems (GIS), including hands-on software experience, across a variety of application areas in the health sciences, particularly focusing on integrating GIS technologies appropriately into research design and practice.

EHOH 6622 Public Health Emergency Preparedness 3.0 cr.


This introductory course focuses on the public health role in community disaster preparedness. It explores the relationship between 10 essential public health services and how these services support the ability to prevent, respond, and rapidly recover from public health emergencies.

EHOH 6623 Geographic Perspective and Public Health 1.0 cr.

(Spring, Summer)

This course will review geographic concepts and tools taking a regional, holistic approach to understanding the world's peoples, places, and processes in order to lay a foundation for an improved knowledge of global health.

EHOH 6624 Infectious Disease, Environmental Contexts 3.0 cr.

(Spring) Prereq: EHOH 6614, EPID 6630

This course will study infectious diseases of both national and global importance through the lens of environmental health. The course draws concepts from ecology, parasitology and public health with an emphasis on how, as public health professionals, we might intervene to reduce infection risk.

EHOH 6625 International Disasters and Global Humanitarianism 3.0 cr.


This course will unveil the unique context of disasters at the international level. It will examine competing perspectives on both the human and natural causes of disaster that trigger disaster response and humanitarian action, discuss the actors in the international disaster network, and challenges in response to global emergencies.

EHOH 6626 Public Health Emergency and Disaster Responder 3.0 cr.

(Summer) Prereq: EHOH 6622

This course will advance the skill set for emergency public health professionals by examining and applying the challenges of collaborating, coordinating and interfacing with internal and external emergency management response partners through case studies and an emphasis on practical applications of public health emergency response skill sets.

EHOH 6627 Water Quality and Public Health 3.0 cr.


This course covers public health concerns involving water quality issues ranging from contamination of drinking water to socio-political issues that impact accessibility to clean water. The fundamental concept is that access to clean water is a basic human right.

EHOH 6628 Health Protection & Health Promotion in the Workplace 2.0 cr.


Course emphasizes wellness in the workplace to promote health and improve health behaviors among workers. Worksite wellness is an interdisciplinary field in public health practice, including topics such as nutrition, physical activity, safety, leadership, assessment, program development and communication.

EHOH 6629 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 2.0 cr.


This course will form a foundation for understanding of workplace factors important in the prevention of injuries. Students will recognize safety and ergonomic hazards that may lead to injury as well as learn strategies to abate these hazards.

EHOH 6630 Occupational & Environmental Health Interdisciplinary Symposiumn 2.0 cr.


This course is a multidisciplinary field and consultation experience for students interested in understanding workplace health protection and promotion. Students apply principles and knowledge to effectively protect and promote occupational health and safety by providing consultative services in complex occupational settings.

EHOH 6633 International Travel and Health 1.0 cr.


This course is designed to help students understand and respond to health and safety risks that accompany international travel. It emphasizes using available resources to create recommendations based on both travel itinerary and specific activities. Some medical subjects are included but medical jargon will be avoided.

EHOH 6634 Spectrum of Professions Protecting/Promoting Worker Health 1.0 cr.


Introduction to multiple occupational health professions including industrial hygiene, ergonomics, occupational health psychology, occupational safety, health physics, occupational medicine, epidemiology, health promotion and wellness, program evaluation and risk management. Practice issues, current research and methods are covered.

EHOH 6635 Climate Change and Health 3.0 cr.

(Fall) Prereq: EHOH 6614

We will study the potential health impacts of climate change with an emphasis on understanding the state of the science, and developing skills to identify vulnerable populations, evaluate climate adaptation and mitigation measures and communicate with stakeholders.

EHOH 6636 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Ergonomics with Journal Clubs 3.0 cr.

(Spring) Prereq: EHOH 6614

This course will form a foundation for understanding of workplace factors important in the prevention of injuries. Students will recognize safety and ergonomic hazards that may lead to injury as well as learn strategies to abate these hazards.

EHOH 6710 Disasters, Climate Change and Health 3.0 cr.

(Spring) Cross-listed: GEOG 5710

This course provides a review of the impacts of all types of disasters and climate change on human health, using a broad framework of preparedness, mitigation, response, recovery, with an emphasis on vulnerability and adaptation.

EHOH 7631 Advanced Methods in Environmental and Occupational Health 2.0 cr.

(Fall) Prereq/Coreq: EHOH 6614

This course will focus on five areas of advanced methodology for EOH: exposure assessment, toxicology, epidemiology, epidemiology, built environment, and worker health. Methods covered include survey design, environmental sampling, risk assessment, biomarkers, and on issues associated with analysis of secondary datasets. This course is the first of a two course series.

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