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Network Analysis Working Group

Meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, 10:00-11:00 a.m.
AMC Bldg 500, Third Floor, Colorado School of Public Health Dean's Conference Room W3166

Upcoming Presentations

6/28/18 - Michael Schaffer, Computational Bioscience Program

7/26/18 - TBD

2017-2018 Year Presentations

5/24/18 - Janet Siebert​-Computational Bioscience Program: Using network analysis to generate hypotheses in multi-omic human studies.

4/26/18 - Liz Litkowski - Differential brain gene co-expression between saline and etnol treated recombinant inbred mice (Presentation)

3/22/18 - Spring break, no meeting

2/22/18 - Ilyssa Summer - Flavor network and food paring principles (Article)

1/25/18 - Tiffany Callahan - Computational Bioscience Program: Biomedical and Healthcare Applications for Blockchain (Presentation)

10/26/17 - Sean Jacobsons, National Jewish Health - Meta-analysis of peripheral blood gene expression modules for COPD phenotypes

9/28/17 - Tiffany Callahan - Computational Bioscience Program: The role of network science in biology and medicine (Presentation)

8/24/17 - Laura Stevens - Pre-Doctorate AHA Fellow, computational Biosciences Program - Visualization of omics data for systems biology: A review in the context of network biology (Presentation)

7/27/17 - Cody Glickman - Computational Bioscience Program - A Review of Correlation Network Inference Techniques (Presentation)

2016-2017 Presentations

6/22/17 - Brian Ross - Computational Bioscience Program - Mutual information methods for network reconstruction: why they are awesome and could be improved (Presentation).

5/25/17 - Jim Costello - Department of Pharmacology - Drug resistance mechanisms in colorectal cancer dissected with cell type- specific dynamic logic models (Presentation).

4/27/17 - Alexandria Jensen - Department of Biostatistics - Resistance Perturbation Distance Kernel Regression for Prediction of Biological Phenotypes in fMRI (Presentation).

3/23/17 - Ryan Lusk - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Bayesian Networks with Examples in R (Presentation).

2/23/17 - Sonia M. Leach - Director of Bioinformatics, Center for Genes, Environment and Health, National Jewish Health - "BGRMI: A method for inferring gene regulatory networks from time-course expression data and its application in breast cancer research."  (Nature - Scientific Reports | 6:37140 | DOI: 10.1038/srep37140)

1/26/17 - Jimi Adams - Department of Health & Behavioral Sciences - "Unbounded Knowledge: Integrating Science Across Disciplines."

12/2/16 - Brian Ross - Computational Biosciences Program - "Why does deep and cheap learning work so well?"  Reference.

11/4/16 - K.C. Anderson - Computational Biosciences Program - "Deep learning for clustering:  Hyper awesome? Or just hype?"  Reference.

10/21/16 - Holly Weeks - Colorado School of Public Health - "Creating a realistic logic-based prostate gene network for Boolean modeling."  Reference.

10/7/16 - Open discussion:  "Methods for the integration of multi-omics data:  mathematical aspects."  Reference.

9/23/16 - Katerina Kechris - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Similarity network fusion for aggregating data types on a genomic scale."  Reference.

9/9/16 - Special joint event with the Bioinformatics Journal Club, 11:00-12:00, RC 2, Third Floor Conf Rm 3109 (not the usual time and location) - W. Jenny Shi - Computational Bioscience Program - "Stability-driven nonnegative matrix factorization to interpret spatial gene expression and build local gene networks."  Links to Reference 1 and Reference 2.

2015-2016 Presentations

6/3/16 - Cody Glickman - Computational Bioscience Program - "Co-Occurrence Networks to Infer Host-Pathogen Interactions in the Lung."

5/20/16 - Sonia Leach - Department of Biomedical Research at National Jewish Health and the Computational Bioscience program at CU Anschutz - "Methods identify active subnets."  Reference 1.  Reference 2.  Reference 3.  Reference 4.

5/6/16 - Sunita Sharma from the School of Medicine - Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care presenting "Integrative genomics and identifying the fetal origin of asthma."

4/22/16 - Rani Schwindt of the Computational Biosciences Program presenting "Network-based patient stratificationfor identifying clinical stubypes" (Nature paper).

4/8/16 - 2016 Mini-Symposium: The Power of Informatics to Advance Health.  Registration is free but required.  View the schedule and to register.

3/25/16 - W. Jenny Shi from the Computational Biosciences Program presenting "Back to the Basics" Descriptive Analysis of Network Graph Characteristics."

3/11/2016 - Michael Schaffer from the Computational Biosciences Program presenting "Methods for Creating Correlation Networks in Compositional Data" (reference papers:  Paper-1 and Paper-2)

2/26/16 - RC1 North, Room 6123 (not usual location) - Brian Ross from the Computational Biosciences Program presenting "Simulating a cell" with the paper:  A Whole-Cell Computational Model Predicts Phenotype from Genotype and connecting it to one of his projects.

2/12/2016 - Lauren Vanderlinden with the Colorado Biostatistics Consortium, discussing WGCNA a Network Application: Whole Brain & Brain Regional Co-expression Network Interactions

1/29/2016 - Prof. James Costello with the Pharmacology Program and the Computational Bioscience Program, presenting the following paper: Wisdom of Crowds for Robust Gene Network Inference

1/15/2016 - W. Jenny Shi from the Computational Bioscience Program presenting the following paper:  Review on Statistical Methods for Gene Network Reconstruction Using Expression Data

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