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Financial Compliance and Training

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Reporting Financial Compliance Concerns

When you have concerns relating to financial compliance and need to elevate it to a higher level, the best place to start may be within your department through ordinary supervisory channels, beginning with an immediate supervisor, department chair, etc. Usually, the department/unit is the most familiar with the issues and parties and best equipped to address or raise a concern to a higher level.

Sometimes, because of the subject matter or due to work or personal relationships, concerns may best be raised through a specialized central office. If you know of or suspect fiscal misconduct, refer to the University Fiscal Misconduct Reporting policy for guidance on what to report and how to report.

For consultation and guidance on specific topics, refer to one of the central offices that oversee the subject matter including the Finance Office, Office of Grants and Contracts, Procurement Cards Administration, Accounts Payable and Travel Office, Financial Compliance and Training, or the Office of Regulatory Compliance.


Requesting a Review/Audit

The Office of Financial Compliance serves as a proactive management tool to assist in ensuring the University’s commitment to compliance and accountability. We routinely conduct audits and reviews to ensure compliance with federal and University policies and to facilitate continuous learning and monitoring. The types of reviews include, but not limited to:

        • Campus policy and process evaluations
        • Departmental process evaluations
        • Audits/Reviews of specific topics 
        • Comprehensive review of units/departments
        • Other customized reviews and special studies as needed or requested

We collaborate with departments, Administrators, Faculty, and Principal Investigators, on a daily basis promoting open communication and mutual trust as they play an important role in achieving and safeguarding financial compliance within the University. If you foresee a need for a certain type of review for your department, feel free to contact us. Departments gain substantial benefits from these reviews as the results can be used to supplement resolution to outstanding issues, improve departmental processes, enhance their knowledge of the applicable policies and procedures and used as an educational opportunity for their faculty and staff.

In conducting most reviews, we meet with department personnel to discuss the area being reviewed, sample transactions, request and review supporting documentations. The results are typically written into a formal report with the necessary recommendations to enhance compliance and strengthen internal controls.  We issue the reports to management of the unit/department as well as the related central administrative offices.


Note: The Office of Financial Compliance does not investigate fraud. To report a fraud, go to the University Internal Audit Fraud Hotline.


Ask Us

The Office of Financial Compliance serves as a resource for information and training on financial compliance issues. If you have a question related to financial compliance, please feel free to contact us at (303) 315-2286 or email You may also search our database for Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here. 

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