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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

Office of Undergraduate Experiences

Early Alert

Student Tracking Early Alert Retention (STEAR) System

Spring 2016 Early Alert


Late Spring Alert Period:  March 28 - April 1, 2016 by 5:00 p.m.


Please indicate which students are unlikely to pass during this alert period.  The last day to drop a course with an instructor signature is Monday, April 4, 2016.



Information About Early Alert

The downtown campus of the University of Colorado Denver participates in a campus-wide Early Alert program to identify undergraduate students needing assistance from academic and student service offices. Providing assistance early in the semester is very important to students' success in their baccalaureate program.

The Early Alert program is designed for faculty to identify students in the 5th-6th week of the semester who need assistance because of academic performance, class participation, and/or behavior issues. Assistance is provided to students identified by faculty through academic advising and through referrals to appropriate CU Denver student service offices.

Help for Your Students

The Office of Undergraduate Experiences encourages faculty to participate in the Early Alert System (EAS). Please encourage students to contact their advisor if they have received an alert. The student’s advisor will set-up an appointment and recommend helpful resources for improvement. These resources could include tutoring, career counseling, advising, personal counseling services, workshops, and campus involvement.

Students should speak with instructors, take advantage of support resources, and use the program as a wake-up call, if needed. CU Denver faculty and staff want our students to be successful!

Students in the Early Alert program are identified by their class instructors for reasons including:

  • Poor class attendance
  • Low test scores
  • Missing, incomplete, or poorly completed homework assignments
  • Other measures of academic performance

Goals of the Early Alert program are to:

  • Increase student academic success
  • Improve student persistence and graduation rates
  • Increase communication between students and faculty
  • Increase communication between students and academic advisors
  • Increase student utilization of student service offices

Providing intervention assistance early in the semester is very important to enhance undergraduate student persistence and graduation rates. The faculty role in this effort is to identify students who may need assistance. The web-based EAS is fast and simple. Click on the “Log-in” to access the system.

The Early Alert System is designed for ALL undergraduate students, not just freshmen and not just students in general education classes. The downtown Denver campus has approximately 2,000 new students this semester who need your support in identifying problems in academic performance, participation, and classroom behavior. Please work through Early Alert for all your undergraduate courses. If your class does not have any students who need assistance, there is a simple ‘No Alerts’ button for each class.

All alerts are collected, collated, and forwarded to the designated academic advisor in the student’s home college. Academic advisors then send out an e-mail to each alerted student asking the student to contact the advisor. Based on information provided by the faculty and their own experience, the academic advisor provides advising, referral to student support offices, etc. While the student’s advisor is the primary contact with the alerted student, you may be contacted by the student to verify the alert is accurate or to seek your counsel.

If you need further assistance, please contact John Lanning.

 Office of Undergraduate Expereinces

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