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Office of Undergraduate Experiences

Research. Create. Innovate.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program


We are excited to announce the 2015-16 UROP awardees:

Maytham Alshashood - Reasons for and barriers to primary health care among Iraq refugees in Colorado. College of Nursing

Ashley Bouck- Product Labeling and Geographic Origins of Colorado Honeys. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ryan Brody- Synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles surface functionalized with PNIPAAm and hyaluronic acid. College of Engineering and Applied Science

Kara Brown- Art History and Practice at the Venice Biennale. College of Arts and Media

Taylor Coomer- The pharmacotherapeutic potential of disruption of eCB and HCRT neuromodulation of dopamine neural activity in the co-morbid diagnosis of schizophrenia and drug-addiction. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nicklaus DeeversThe Impact of Nutrient Pollution on Ammonia-Oxidizing Microbial Communities Residing in Freshwater EcosystemsCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Marissa DeLimaPurification and Analysis oTozoplasma gondii protein domains involved in membrane fusion. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences​

Brittany Frysinger, Caitlyn Scharmer, Amber Ford- A Small Puppet Theater Company for Spanish-Speaking Kids and Parents. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Christina Garza- Combined QM/MM dynamics simulations of proton transfer in E. coli ClC chloride ion transport protein. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jack Henderson, Dante Merrill- Interplays of Membrane and Ligand Docking of Granuphilin C2A Domain: A Molecular Dynamics Study. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nathanael Gray, Toni NicastroActivation of Nigrostriatal Dopamine Pathway to Strengthen Extinction and Reduce Fear Renewal Across Contexts. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Nicole Durant- Simulation and statistical analysis of single molecule trajectories subject to transient confinement. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Abigail Luman-
 The Effects of Social Isolation on Aggressive Behaviors and Neurochemistry in Stalk-eyed Flies. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Angelica O'Toole-FehlmannKristi Nelson- Effects of internet Peer Support groups on Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Fassil Eyayou​- Effects of MDMA during fear extinction on the relapse of fear.  College of Liberal Arts and Sciences​​​

Desmond Hamilton
- old Nanoparticles Coated with a Lipid Membrane Will Be Utilized to Form Sucrose Filled Reservoirs That Can Be Released with the Addition of Melittin. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences​​

Adam RauffInvestigating the Effects of Weight-Bearing Function on Bone Microstructure. College of Engineering and Applied Science
Chloe Sanders, Sanjana GarimellaInvestigating Gsk-3-Dependent mRNA Methylation. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chris Temple, Jonathan Baker, Gavin JohnsonUnlocking Brainwaves for Assistive Limb Control. College of Engineering and Applied Science

Olga Serenchenko, Christopher AndersenExploring Vietnamese History Through a Charcoal Lens. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Joseph Verbeke- Augmented Immersion - An Interactive Art Installation. College of Arts and Media​​

Kimberlie Grady-  In Search of the Rare. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

​Hai Tran- Investigating the Kinetics of Membrane Targeting Synaptotagmin1 C2MDomainsCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jazmin Fontenot​, Matt Ishiki, and Raleigh Jonscher- The Effect of Isolation Rearing on Glutamate in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex 





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