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College Opportunity Fund

For undergraduate, in-state students

College Opportunity Fund logo
An act of the Colorado State Legislature in May 2004 established a new way for the State to provide state tax dollar support for higher education at the undergraduate level. The state is no longer appropriating monies to institutions for undergraduate education, but is providing direct funding to undergraduate students through the "College Opportunity Fund" or "COF." This program is also known as "vouchers" or "stipends." COF is not a loan, nor is it financial aid.

Starting in fall 2005, provided that an undergraduate in-state student applies for and authorizes use of the voucher, COF vouchers will be applied to the student's university bill.

For additional information regarding COF please call the registrar's office at 303.315.2600.

For assistance troubleshooting issues with the disbursement of your College Opportunity Fund, please visit the COF Troubleshooting page.​​​​