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Step 4: Do I Need A Full Board Review? (Includes Submission Instructions)

Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board

​​If you have determined that your proposed study is greater than "minimal risk", or is minimal risk, but does not fit into one of the Expedited Categories mentioned in Step 3, you must submit your study for Full Board review. We have 5 Full Board Panels that each review different types of research:
  • Panel A - Adult Biomedical Study Full Board Submissions
  • Panel B - Adult Biomedical Study Full Board Submissions (with specific specialties)
  • Panel C - Pediatric Biomedical Study Full Board Submissions
  • Panel D - Adult Oncology and High Risk Biomedical Full Board Submissions
  • Panel S - Social and Behavioral Study Full Board Submissions (Of a non-biomedical nature)

It can often be ​difficult to determine which Panel is appropriate for your study because their overlapping areas of review. If you have any questions, please call COMIRB at 303-724-1055.

Certain Full Board, industry sponsored studies may be submitted to the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) for review if the Principal Investigator "opts-in". Click the "Submissions For Special Cases" link in the grey column on the left of the screen for more information.

The accordion folders at the bottom of this page will contain submission instructions for each of our Full Board Panels. Before you review the accordion folders, please review the following bullet points which may contain information relevant to your study:

Please first review the requirements for Full Board submissions in the accordion folders below: