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Step 1: Am I Doing Human Subject Research?

Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board

Step 1 will help you decide whether or not your study needs to be submitted for COMIRB review.

It is COMIRB policy that all research conducted at CU Denver or one of our affiliate organizations that meets the federal definition of "human subject research" must be submitted to COMIRB for review.

The accordion folders at the bottom of this page will guide you through the process of deciding whether your project meets the definition of "human subject research" as defined in the federal regulations, and help you decide whether or not you should submit your study for COMIRB review.

Often, journals and other publishing outlets require an official determination by an IRB that a study does not meet the definition of "human subject research" before they are willing to publish a study.

Please also be aware that each of our affiliate organizations may require that you submit proposed research studies to them, before submitting your study to COMIRB.

The following links provide research related contact information for each of our affiliate organizations. We strongly encourage you to contact research staff at the appropriate organization before you submit your study for COMIRB review.

Please review the content in the accordion folders below. Clicking on the title of the accordion folders below will open and close the individual folders. ​​