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Tips for Success

Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board


The following tips for success will help get your applicaton through the review process as quickly as possible.​

  • Cover Letters: Use your cover letter to explain anything unusual about your study or anything significant you want to bring to the IRB's attention.
  • Training: Make sure all investigators have completed human subjects training and, if necessary, HIPAA traing and GCP training. Go to our Training page for more information.
  • COI Disclosures: Make sure all investigators have completed COI​ disclosures.
  • CVs: Make sure all investigators have uploaded a CV. Instructions are available here.​
  • Following up on Previous Requests: At continuing review, look back over previous approval letters from COMIRB to make sure you have responded to any requests since the last continuing review.
  • Documents: Make sure you attach all required documents. A list of required documents can be found HERE​.
  • Version dates: Make sure all documents include version dates. Update version dates when a change is made to the document.
  • Editing: Take time to edit the study documents to make sure they are consistent with one another, especially the application, protocol and consent form.
  • Ask Questions: Contact COMIRB if you have any questions, or attend one of our Office Hours to discuss your study with COMIRB Chairs and staff prior to submission. COMIRB can be reached at and 303-724-1055. You can also make an appointment to discuss your study with COMIRB staff and/or Chairs.
  • Stamps: Do not place text in the top right-hand corner of consent documents or advertisements, because COMIRB places an approval stamp in the top right corner of these documents.