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University of Colorado Denver

Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board

Fee Policy for COMIRB Review

Guidelines on COMIRB Application Fees

Faculty and Affiliate Researchers:

As you know, COMIRB currently has 4 biomedical boards and 1 social and behavioral board. The option for investigators to use WIRB for commercially sponsored research has relieved the pressure on the COMIRB biomedical panels over the last few years but each panel is now at capacity. In order to keep pace with the growing protocol volume, UC Denver will be forming an additional pediatric panel during the current fiscal year. With this increased capacity, COMIRB will be able to balance protocol volume across all panels as we continue our efforts to improve services for the research community while ensuring human subjects protections.

Submission COMIRB fees
WIRB Initial


WIRB Continuing Review


COMIRB Initial


COMIRB Continuing Review


COMIRB Expedited



Federally funded protocols are charged the full review fee (and are not eligible for fee waiver) when the grantee is any of the affiliated institutions listed below.

  • Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA)
  • Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center (DVAMC)
  • The Children's Hospital (TCH)
  • University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)
  • Colorado Prevention Center (CPC)


Studies NOT Charged A Review Fee:

Federally funded protocols are not charged the review fee when the grantee is University of Colorado Denver (i.e., the ICR's go to UCD). In order to be considered the grantee, UCD must receive at least 51% of the grant.

Examples of studies that fall under this category are:

  • Studies receiving National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants
  • Studies receiving federally funded training grants
  • Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRC) "A" protocols
  • Studies at the Pediatric Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRC)
  • Subcontracted Federal agreements with entities such as:
    1. Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group (AACTG)
    2. Bacteriology and Mycology Study Group (BAMSG)
    3. Center for Disease Control (CDC)
    4. Gynecological Oncology Group (GOG)
    5. Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG)


Fee Waiver or Reduction:

Some studies MAY qualify for a fee waiver or reduction. In order to apply for a waiver or reduction you will need to submit a COMIRB Fee Waiver/Reduction Application. Situations or studies that may qualify for such a waiver or reduction are:

  • Extraordinary circumstances
  • Student Projects
  • Investigator-initiated studies without funding
  • Pilot studies
  • Foundation funded protocols with very limited funding

Protocols that are NOT ELIGIBLE for a fee waiver or reduction are:

  • Industry-sponsored or industry-initiated protocols (including CTO protocols)
  • Federally funded protocols where UCD is not the grantee (that is, where UCD does not receive at least 51% of the grant).


Fee structure for protocols eligible to use WIRB

UCD and Affiliate fee structure for use of WIRB

WIRB Review Fees Effective Oct 1, 2010
Full-Board Initial Review

Full-Board Annual Continuing Review


To determine if your protocol is eligible to use WIRB

Review - Industry Protocols for Review by WIRB

WIRB Website​​