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Forms and Instructions

Conflict of Interest

How do I complete the on-line disclosure form?

To complete your online disclosure, use the InfoEd COI (External Interests) Module

For instructions in using the online COI (External Interest) Module please click here.

What is the purpose of the Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy?

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus encourages outside interactions of its faculty, student employees with federal, state, and local governments, and with business and industry as important parts of their research, education, and public service activities. Since outside interactions also carry with them an increased potential for conflicts of interest and/or commitment, either actual or perceived, it is important to communicate the following points:

  • Many conflicts that are properly disclosed can be adequately managed without detriment to the reputation, integrity or position of the institution and the individual;
  • In most cases, problems associated with conflicts of interest or commitment do not arise from the conflicts per se, but rather are the result of a failure to openly acknowledge and actively manage them;
  • It is important to outline the institutional process for identifying, assessing and managing these potential conflicts;
  • It is critical to establish guidelines, in accordance with requirements from the Public Health Service (PHS), National Science Foundation (NSF), and other feder agencies, that will help to assure the primacy of academic integrity and delineate the bounds of acceptable conduct for those who conduct any type of research and particularly research involving human subjects.

What must be disclosed on the annual form?

  • All financial interests regardless of amount, for a faculty member and his/her family member with a financially interested entity that has commercial activities with the University related to your research or area of expertise.
  • An Executive Position or Membership on a Board of Directors where a covered individual and his/her family member holds any position that includes responsibilities for a material segment of the operation or management of a business, including Board membership.

What is NOT disclosed on the annual form?

  • Salary, royalties, or other compensation from the University;
  • Income from seminars, lectures, or teaching engagements sponsored by public entities (i.e. Denver Public Schools, income for review boards, and NIH peer review boards); or
  • Income from service on an advisory committee or review panel for public entities (Denver Public Schools, income from review boards, and NIH peer review boards);
  • Interest in mutual funds where the individual has no control over the selection of holdings.

When is the annual disclosure form due?

The annual collection period is from mid-August to October 31. New employees who are covered by the COI policy are required to submit an initial disclsoure within 60 days of being hired. Facutly and stafff who are required to submit a COI disclsoure have an affirmative duty to update their COI disclsoure within 30 days of a change, addition or elimination of a previously disclosed interest.

Where can I get additional information concerning conflict of interests?

The Conflict of Interest information and links are available on our Resources page.​