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Office of Laboratory Animal Resources

​​The Mission of the Office of Laboratory Animal Resources (OLAR) is the advancement of innovative medical research by utilizing leading edge technology and a compassionate/knowledgeable staff who provide quality care for and enhance the lives of animal research models.

The Office of Laboratory Animal Resources believes that the purpose of animal research is to contribute to the enhancement of human and animal health. Animal use is a privilege that requires close adherence to a clear and defined code of ethics to ensure all animals are treated as humanely and judiciously as possible. All research and teaching projects are required to consider alternatives to animal use and to utilize those alternatives when they can result in sound scientific conclusions.

The Center for Comparative Medicine has two surgical suites and can accommodate up to six large animal surgeries at one time. Our skilled veterinary technician staff has experience with induction, anesthetic maintenance, recovery, and post-operative care of a wide variety of species including dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, rats, mice, ground squirrels, and chinchillas. Our knowledgeable staff can also train people to perform a variety of sterile surgical techniques and procedures.​

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Cage card forms are available at the RC-1 and R-2 offices. You can pick up forms at the main desk at either location.

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