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Respiratory Protection Program

ZIGZAG Training Graphic N95.pngOverview​​
Some working environments and processes require the use of respiratory protection. See the Respirator Types​ ​document for information on the protection offered by various respirators. Contact EHS for a risk assessment regarding the type of respiratory protection you may need.

Fit Testing Requirements
Step 1: Occupational Health
     For Initial Fit Test
      c. Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire​
  2.​ ​Arrange an appointment to be seen at the 
      Occupational Health Clinic, 303-724-9145.      
      (If the above forms cannot be emailed     
      ahead of time, hard copies may be 

      submitted during this appointment.)

​     ​For Annual Fit Test

  1. Submit completed Annual Respiratory Protection Clearance form to RSIH.​
Step 2: ​Training​
Complete the appropriate respiratory protection training in Skillsoft
    ZIGZAG Training Graphic Full- or Half-Face.png
Step 3: Fit test

RSIH will make contact to schedule a respirator fit test.​

Groups adopting use of PAPRs for the first time must contact RSIH to register this status and arrange for proper training. Although annual fit testing is not required, annual in-person training is required and will be arranged with the participating department.