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Occupational Health Enrollment

Occupational Health

All new research associates, animal care workers or faculty, staff, fellows, students and affiliates who are part of an IACUC or IBC protocol that works with animals, animal waste, or animal tissues or enter the vivarium as well as those who work with the items detailed below are required to enroll in the Occupational Health Program (OHP).

·         human blood, tissues, cells or cell lines

·         infectious agents

·         formaldehyde

·         toxins/venoms

·         anesthetic gases

·         anti-neoplastic drugs

·         teratogens/carcinogens

·         radioactive materials 

·         lasers

Enrollment consists of completing and submitting the Initial Medical Surveillance Questionnaire, then scheduling an Initial Medical Surveillance appointment by calling the Occupational Health Clinic at (303) 724-9145 or emailing All prior written immunization records need to be submitted by email prior to the appointment or a hard copy brought to the appointment. Your health information, immunization history and work-related duties will be reviewed by the OHP nurse to identify any potential hazards and review health recommendations and follow-up.

Depending on your risk category, the OHP may require you to undergo additional training, medical surveillance, or additional vaccinations and/or titers prior to initiating your duties.  Upon completion of the Initial Medical Surveillance appointment, a  certificate of OHP enrollment will be issued and your OHP enrollment status forwarded to either the IACUC or IBC.

All employees will need to submit an Annual Medial Surveillance Form each year to keep their enrollment current.  The OHP will send out an annual reminder by email to each individual prior to the due date.  If the Annual Medical Surveillance Form is not received by the OHP by the end of the anniversary month, steps can be taken to ensure compliance including notification of Principal Investigator (PI) or Supervisor and leading up to OHP disenrollment and/or vivarium badge access removal.