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Occupational Health

If an injury occurs, (bites, scratches, needle stick or injuries involving cages or equipment) wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and notify the PI/Supervisor.  Completion of a worker’s comp claim is encouraged – even if you do not need medical attention – so that it is documented in the system.  You have four working days to complete the form.  For non-urgent situations, a medical evaluation can be obtained at a University designated medical provider.  Go to to start the process.               

In most cases a chemical splash to the skin or eyes should be flushed with cool water under the Eye Wash station for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. For chemicals exposures, take a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with you for a medical evaluation.  Information for infectious agents will also need to be given to the healthcare provider in the event of an exposure.  First aid information for individual chemicals and infectious agents will be available in the lab and should be reviewed.

If there is a possibility of human blood or bodily fluid exposure or an infectious agent exposure, a medical evaluation should be obtained at the Infectious Disease Group Practice (IDGP) during the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday (Located in Outpatient Pavilion, 7th Floor-East side). If possible, call before going over to inform them of your visit – (720) 848-0191. If the exposure occurs after business hours or during the weekend, the UCH Emergency Department is available for immediate evaluation and prophylaxis (if necessary), and follow up with the IDGP should be continued the next available business day.

rDNA Exposure

Any exposure to rDNA or an animal bite or scratch from an animal where rDNA has been administered MUST be reported as soon as possible. Wash off the area with soap and water immediately, or as soon as possible.  Notify your supervisor, and notify Occupational Health (x44663) or the Biosafety Officer at (303) 724-0235. Any exposure or potential exposure needs to be reported to NIH.  Advice for medical follow up from the IDGP is also recommended in addition to completing a Worker’s comp form.  See above for online process.​