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Links to Advancement in Biomedical Science Career Opportunity and Training Section


Funding for LABCOATS is provided by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciences (Grant #5R25GM083333)

LABCOATS is a competitive, NIH-funded UC Denver Program designed to help high achieving students who love science embark on biomedical research careers. The goal of the grant is to increase the diversity of students pursuing PhDs and MD/PhDs in biomedical research by supporting those who are traditionally underrepresented in science. LABCOATS supports both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Participants in LABCOATS:

    • develop the skills necessary to succeed in college and graduate school.
    • prepare for advanced careers in biomedical research.
    • work with leading researchers in diverse fields of study.
    • discover new career options.
    • receive assistance in preparing successful graduate school applications or pre-doctoral research grants.

 For more information about what LABCOATS students do, download the Activity Matrix.​

General Eligibility Requirements

Participants are selected on the basis of academic achievement and interest in biomedical research. Applicants must demonstrate aptitude in one or more laboratory science courses, but previous research experience is not required for undergraduates. Other requirements include:

    • full-time enrollment in the University of Colorado Denver
    • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status
    • high GPA (Freshman: 3.0, Sophomore: 3.2, Junior: 3.4, Senior: 3.5, Graduate Student: 3.0)

Benefits for Undergraduate Students

    • Receive hands-on training in molecular biology techniques in a special 2-credit Maymester course, BIOL 2750.
    • Get paid $10/hour for up to 15 hours/week during the school year and 40 hours/week during the summer to work in the labs of top-tier researchers at UCD's Downtown and Anschutz Medical Campuses.
    • Participate in workshops to learn to read, write and critically analyze scientific literature.
    • Receive hands-on and classroom training in today's cutting edge "omics" technologies, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics & more.
    • Get help preparing successful graduate school applications.
    • Build a network of friends and fellow researchers who are also taking their first steps towards a biomedical research career.

Eligibility Requirements

    • High GPA (Freshman: 3.0, Sophomore: 3.2, Junior: 3.4, Senior: 3.5)
    • Full-time enrollment in the University of Colorado, Denver.
    • Applicants from groups traditionally underrepresented in science are encouraged.
    • Interest in a career in biomedical research, including pursuing Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degrees.

Benefits for Graduate Students

    • Receive salary, graduate school tuition and health insurance for attending UC Denver's graduate school.
    • Participate in workshops specifically designed to help you succeed in graduate school, including a pre-doctoral research grant proposal writing workshop.
    • Receive a travel funding to present your research at a national meeting.

Eligibility Requirements

    • Full-time enrollment in a Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado Denver.
    • Passed preliminary exams (typically taken at the end of your first year).
    • Completed your research lab rotations.
    • Have chosen and been accepted by your dissertation advisor.
    Eligible progra​​ms on Anschutz Medic​al Campus include:
      • Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
      • Biomedical Sciences
      • Biostatistics
      • Cancer Biology
      • Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development
      • Clinical Science
      • Computational Bioscience
      • Epidemiology
      • Health Services Research
      • Human Medical Genetics
      • Immunology
      • Medical Scientist Training Program
      • Microbiology
      • Molecular Biology
      • Neuroscience
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Pharmacology
      • Physiology and Biophysics
      • Reproductive Sciences
      • Structural Biology and Biophysics
      • Toxicology
    ​Eligible programs at Dow​ntown Denver Campus include:
      • Bioengineering
      • Clinical Health Psychology
      • Health and Behavioral Sciences

Benefits for Undergraduate Mentors

  • For early career scientists like postdocs, working with undergraduates can be an important step in learning to mentor.
  • For established researchers, working with undergraduates can be a good opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with the next generation of scientists.
  • Enhance your CV by participating in a well-recognized NIH program: Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD).
  • Get help with that small, backburner project that you just can't find the time to complete yourself.

Requirements for Undergraduate Mentors

  • Patience and enthusiasm for supporting undergraduate learning.
  • NIH or equivalent extramural funding to support the research infrastructure needed by the students.
  • Involve students in many aspects of lab life including lab meetings, method of development, experimental design, data analysis and publishing.
  • Complete programmatic surveys (administered by the Evaluation Center) about twice a year.
  • For more information on expectations for undergraduate mentors, click here.

​Benefits for Graduate Mentors

  • Financial assistance for up to two years for qualified graduate students.
  • Assistance with predoc fellowship applications from an experienced reviewer, PI Dr. Sonia Flores.

Requirements for Graduate Mentors

For more information on expectations for graduate mentors, click here.


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