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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Housing

What you need to know

The basics of living on-campus

Mandatory First-Year Meetings/Events

August 15, 2012
First Floor Meeting with RA's at Campus Village

August 17, 2012
New Student Welcome and Convocation

Important Dates

May 15, 2012
UC Denver First Year Student Priority Deadline
Freshman students are required to live in Campus Village for two academic-year semesters but this policy is subject to availability of space. Most residence hall assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so you are encouraged to apply for housing as soon as possible after you confirm your enrollment.

Fall 2012 Calendar

August 15, 2012
Residence halls open for fall semester
Mandatory Move-In Day for UC Denver First Year Students
First meal served is lunch

August 17, 2012
Chancellor's Convocation
Mandatory for UC Denver First Year Students

August 15 – August 20
Welcome Week Activities and Events
More Information Coming Soon!

August 20, 2012
First Day of Classes

What to Bring

We have prepared a checklist of commonly used and needed items to consider brining to school.  This list contains suggestions only, so please do not feel obligated to purchase everything!


For many of students,  this may be the first time that you have shared a room with another person.  In general we live in a culture that places a premium on personal space and privacy.  Living with a roommate can be very challenging if expectations and boundaries are not established early and revisited often. 

Talk to each other

In the midst of the excitement of moving in to your new apartment, meeting new friends and starting classes it is important that you and your roommate(s) set aside some time to talk about your personal needs and expectations.  Having these conversation prior to problems arising is a great way to reduce stress and limit problems.

Issues that should be discussed during this conversations include:

  • Sharing Items.  Especially clothing and food.
  • Visitors and guests.  Especially time frames and hours.
  • Noise and Study space
  • Cleanliness and who will be responsible for what chores
  • How to handle conflict and disagreements

Resident Assistants

Your Resident  Assistant will have additional resources and can provide you with guidance and assistance in this process.  Taking the time to address these items early can help prevent problems and stop bad and annoying habits before they have a chance to take root.  How you start the year is as important as how you finish.

Move-in Day

Mandatory Move-in Day for CU Denver First-Year Students is August 15, 2012 by 4 PM.  Your first floor meeting will be at 4 PM on Wednesday, August 15.

Tips for Moving In

  • Moving in is much easier if you bring as little to campus as possible.
    This includes clothes - if you can easily go home during the semester pack seasonally and rotate your closet.
  • While packing: pack as much as you can in boxes
    They are much easier and safer to move in tight corridors and up stairs than items loose or in bags.
  • Shoes: comfortable athletic or walking shoes are best for everyone involved in the hard work of move-in.
  • Bring a hand cart
    A two-wheeled handcart can really help during move-in. Housing has a limited number of two-wheel handcarts available - we recommend you bring one if possible.
  • Bring Patience!
    Campus Village will make every effort to help your student’s transition into college go as smoothly and efficiently as possible! Still, Move-In is in August and it will be hot with a few thousand people working very hard in a compact area! A smile on Move-In day is always welcome (and contagious)!
  • Stay Hydrated!!
    Housing will have bottled water on hand - but bring your own also! If you feel yourself beginning to overheat find an air conditioned area and take a break. If you or a family member begins to feel dizzy or nauseated, contact a Housing staff member or University Police officer as quickly as possible.

Things to Leave at Home for Move-In Day:

  • Pets
    We love pets! However, pets are not allowed in the residence halls, even for a short time during Move-In. For their safety and the residential community, please leave them home.
  • Paint
    Residents are not allowed to paint their rooms.
  • Lofts
    Home-made "pressure" or free-standing lofts, or prefabricated loft/bunk units.
  • Adhesive contact paper
    To line his/her shelves and drawers use a product that does not adhere to the furniture and can be removed upon check-out.
  • Irreplaceable items
    We encourage students to personalize their space and make it comfortable - but a residence hall room is not a good place for valued heirlooms, fragile decorations or other irreplaceable items.

Community Living

Residential living promotes individual and group responsibility through positive communities. The Community Living Expectations balance the rights of the individual and the rights of the community. In order to carry out its educational mission, the University aspires to create and maintain conditions that are social and educational. With this in mind, the residence hall staff developed the Community Living Expectations to help each student be academically and personally successful.

All UC Denver Campus Village residents and their guests are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that does not infringe on the rights of others or interfere with the educational functions of the University, as well as showing consideration for the facilities. All students residing in Campus Village deserve to live in an environment free from harassment, intimidation or emotional distress. The information provided here specifies the community and behavioral standards that are expected, and also identifies the rights and responsibilities of residents.

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