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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Housing

Living on Campus

Campus Village Apartments

​In an effort to improve the quality of our undergraduate experience, the Denver Campus has a live-in requirement for first-time first-year and first-time international students. All students are required to live in the Campus Village Apartments at Auraria. No other apartments or buildings meet the live-in policy requirement; students may NOT live at the Auraria Lofts (formerly the Inn at Auraria) or the Regency.

Benefits of living on-campus

Research has shown that living in student housing during the first year has numerous benefits for students both academically and socially. Students who live on-campus their first year experience:
  • higher graduation rates than students who live off-campus.
  • a higher level of satisfaction with their college experience.
  • a higher level of involvement in clubs and activities on campus.
  • more frequent interaction with faculty members and peers.

University Honors and Leaders, Denver Bound, and BA/BS to MD Theme Floor
For the 2013-2014 academic year, Campus Village and CU Denver will offer a living community for students accepted to the University Honors and Leaders program, Denver Bound, and the BA/BS to MD programs. Students will live together in a designated section of the building to facilitate academic relationships and overall success.

In cooperation with the Cu Denver Health Care Professions Program, Campus Village offers a new Living Learning Community (LLC) to those students interested in joining a pre-health floor. This floor is academically focused and will have the resources and tools needed to be a successful in the health profession. Simply indicate on your application you are interested in joining the LLC floor.

Live-in Policy

The University of Colorado Denver is a residential campus, and all First Year students live in the Campus Village Apartments at Auraria. No other apartments or buildings meet the live-in policy requirement; students may NOT live at the Inn at Auraria or the Regency.

​​Campus Village gives you endless opportunities to meet new people, explore ideas, develop skills, and grow as a person. Campus Village has everything you will need to be successful all in one unbeatable package. ​

  • All Campus Village Apartments - Are fully furnished, and rent includes heating, air-conditioning, high-speed wireless internet, electricity, water and premium cable channel hook-ups.
  • Special Programming – Many of the programming efforts sponsored by the University will be taking place in the First Year student wing of Campus Village. Programs will focus on study skills, navigating the University and Community, living with a roommate, and a variety of other topics.
  • Connections with other First-Year Students - First year students share many of the same challenges and anxieties as they begin their college careers. Living in a community of students going through the same types of experiences provides a built-in support network and can lead to lasting friendships.
  • First Year Experience Seminars – We are working on providing sections of the First Year Experience Seminars comprised of students living in Campus Village. Ideally these sections will take place at Campus Village and will help to form additional connections between students and faculty.
  • Apply Online at:


First-time First Year students wishing to live with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) or who qualify under at least one of the exemptions listed below must submit the "Exemption Form" to be considered for exception from the live-in policy.

Exemptions to this policy will be evaluated and made on a case-by-case basis. For further information, please call the Office of Community Standards and Wellness at 303.556.2444 or via email at

Exemptions to the First Time freshmen Live-in Requirement:
  1.         You are over 21 years of age.

    2.     You are/will be living with a parent or guardian.

    3.     You are a veteran of the armed forces.

    4.     You are married, in a civil union, or are a parent with dependents.

    5.     You are a part-time undergraduate state enrolled for less than 10 credit hours per   semester.

    6.     You are deemed medically excusable by the Office of Housing and Residential   Education (must be supported in writing by a medical professional stating a   medical reason the exemption is necessary and appropriate medical     documentation).

    7.     All other requests will be handled on a case by case basis.​


​Units & Rates

First-time first year students at CU Denver are required to live in the 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath units with an Efficiency Kitchen. These units comprise an entire wing of Campus Village and are designed with the unique needs of first year students in mind. These suite-style units house 4 students.

Fall 2014 Rates
Room - $3,820.00/Semester
Board - $1,750.00-$1650.00/Semester
Total - $5570.00-$5470.00/Semester
*Note - Parking Permits are available for an additional $400 per semester.

Please check the Campus Village website,, for the most up to date rate information. CU Denver First Year Students are required to have a Campus Village dining plan. For more information, please click the "Dining" tab.
First Year Student Units 


Campus Village Dining provides several options for residents both in Campus Village and On-Campus.

In the Campus Village Café, residents can enjoy all you care to eat meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekdays and brunch and dinner on the weekends that feature a variety of nutritious and delicious options.

Students can use their flex cash in the on-site convenience store to grab a snack, coffee, or grab-n-go meal.

Students will also be able to use their flex cash on campus at Einstein’s Bagels.
All you care to eat meals and flex cash are tied to your meal card and work like a debit card system.

All CU Denver first-year students are required to have either the Broncos or Nuggets meal plan for the year.

The dining plan rate for 2014-2015 is:

  • Nuggets Meal Plan – $1650/Semester
  • ​14 all you care to eat meals per week AND $60 Flex Cash/Month
  • Broncos Meal Plan – $1750/Semester
  • 19 all you care to eat meals per week AND $40 Flex Cash/Month

Fall 2014 Calendar

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Residence halls open for fall semester
Mandatory Move-In Day for CU Denver First Year Students
First meal served is lunch
Friday, August 15, 2014
Chancellor's Convocation
August 14– August 17, 2014
CU Launch! Welcome Activities and Events
For a complete schedule, please visit
August 18, 2014
First Day of Classes
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