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Job Search


CU Denver Career Center has resources available for first-year students through alumni that will empower you to take control of your part-time and full-time job search. As a student at the University of Colorado Denver, you have developed strong communication abilities and sophisticated skills for finding information, conducting research, and solving problems. A job hunt is simply applying these skills. Below is an outline of the steps and how the Career Center can support you in your job hunt.

Job Search Outline

Build a Foundation: Start with you (your passions and purpose), what you’re going after, and how you’re going to get it. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss your personal brand, find your target, and how to develop a game plan. Click here to find out how we can support you in building your job search foundation.
Start Job Searching: The job hunt is essentially connecting to those who have the power to hire you and marketing yourself as the best candidate. Connect with a career counselor to find where the jobs are and how to access them. Find On-Campus and Off-Campus jobs on Handshake, a job board for CU Denver students and alumni only.
Take Action: Put your plan into play and take the next steps to reach your career goals. Schedule coaching from a career professional on using the latest and most effective approaches for researching your industry and position. Have your professional career materials reviewed at the Career Center including: resume, cover letter, CV, references, etc. Remember, always follow up with a phone call and/or letter/email – we can discuss that too!

FOR MORE RESOURCES, PLEASE VISIT: ​Handshake: Student Login​​


Job searching is like trying to gain entrance into a “gated community.” It is all about connecting with someone that you know who will let you in, aka, networking. Research suggests that the majority of opportunities are found by building professional relationships and networking as the base of your job search.

Social Networking

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LinkedIn Tutorials:


Connecting with Alumni:

Once a Lynx, always a Lynx. Connect with over 45 years of tradition through over 70,000 graduates of CU Denver worldwide.
·         Search Alumni via LinkedIn: CU_Denver_Alumni_Search
·         CU Denver Alumni Link, an online alumni community:

Informational Interviews

One of the most valuable tools that offers both networking opportunities and occupational information is the informational interview. An informational interview is a meeting with a professional in your field of interest where you can learn more about a company (or industry) while also forming and impressing connections and gathering intelligence to help you get a job.

​Elevator Pitch Worksheet:




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