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Supplemental Instruction (SI)


What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of intense weekly interactive & collaborative study/review sessions available for students taking historically difficult classes. Statistics show that students who regularly attend SI sessions perform better in class. Although attendance is voluntary, we strongly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity and attend SI sessions regularly.

Click here for the Spring 2016 Supplemental Instruction Schedule

SI sessions are subjected to change at any time if attendance is low.

How do I benefit from SI?

 You benefit by:

o   actively engaging in critical thinking and analyzing concepts
o   clarifying important concepts
o   working with your classmates
o   organizing class materials
o   developing strategies for studying
o   comparing notes

SI Materials
Below are complimentary materials to assist students with their studies as they relate to each course listed.




 BIOL 2051.001


 BIOL 2061.001


 BIOL 2061.002

 BIOL 2061.003


 BIOL 3244.001

 BIOL 3244.002

 CHEM 2031.001


 CHEM 2031.002


 CHEM 2061.001

 CHEM 2061.002/.003


 CHEM 3411.001

 CHEM 3411.002


 CSCI 1510.001


 PHYS 2010.004


 PHYS 2010.005


 PHYS 2020.004


How do students sign up?
Service is free and no sign up required. Just attend the sessions scheduled for the specific courses by clicking on the above schedule.
ITTPC Reviewer’s Comments:
“This program has the most aggressive training schedule I have seen.  The number of training courses offered is impressive.”
“Superb program.  Well thought out, and extremely comprehensive.  One of the best I have reviewed.”

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