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Steps to Hiring an Intern

Step 1: Identify Suitable Projects
You can benefit from the student's energy and academic training by providing challenging and productive work assignments. Look at your current business activities and consider ongoing work you might like to expand, projects you would like to initiate, or projects that need new energy or completion.

Step 2: Select a Site Supervisor
A site supervisor can have a significant impact on the success of your internship program. The best supervisor is someone who has an interest in teaching and mentoring others, understands the organization and its operating procedures, and can develop quality work assignments for students. Good supervisors not only help students learn, they also help the company learn about the student's potential for full-time hire.

Step 3: Post your internship
Register with the Experiential Learning Center's Online Internship Database - Handshake and post your internship. For the best selection of applicants, start early! Students begin looking for internships six months to 2 weeks before they plan to start. See sample job description.

The primary times when students look for internships are:

  • Fall Semester - Mid-April through early September
  • Spring Semester - October through January
  • Summer – Early March through May

Step 4: Students Apply for your Internship
An internship coordinator/advisor will approve your posting and begin marketing your position on Handshake, sending targeted emails to qualified students, and informing faculty of the opportunity with your organization.

Students will apply for the position online through Handshake or other methods you identified in your posting. You will receive an email from the Handshake system each time a candidate applies which includes their resume and contact information.

Step 5: Review Resumes, Interview Candidates, and Hire
Contact the students directly to schedule interviews. On-campus interviewing facilities are available if you prefer. However, most employers choose to interview at their site. Extend an offer to the candidate(s) of your choice.

Step 6: Approve the Internship via an Electornic Learning Agreement
You and your intern are required to fill out and sign portions of an electronic Learning Agreement through the Handshake system which outlines the intended job duties, learning objectives, dates of the internship, contact information, etc. Your student intern and/or an ELC Internship Advisor will provide you with the Learning Agreement via an email approval process. Whether your student is participating in an internship, the completed Learning Agreement must be approved by all parties prior to the student's first day at your organization.

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