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Post Doctoral

UCD’s Postdoctoral Association (UCD-PDA)

Local chapter affiliated with the National Postdoctoral Association

The goals of the UCD-PDA are to address the needs and concerns of postdoctoral fellows within the institution by promoting postdoctoral advocacy, career development and wellness.

Charter ratified by the postdoctoral community in September of 2009: 

UCD_PDA_Charter - 9-9-09.pdf

Charter amended in August of 2010:

UCD_PDA_Charter_amended 8-2010.pdf

 Charter amended in September of 2013:

UCD_PDA_Charter_amended 9-2013.pdfUCD_PDA_Charter_amended 9-2013.pdf

Questions? Comments?

If you want to connect with the postdoc leadership to ask a question, make a comment, or find out how to get involved,  send an email to: