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Post Doctoral


For UCD’s postdocs in job code 1438


Termination simply means the appointment is ending.  This is either because you, as the postdoc employee, wish to leave/resign, or because the department is ending your appointment.  Procedures are basically the same.

  1. For the personnel file, there must be a document that explains the departure and gives the last date of work.
    • A resignation letter/email from the employee (you).
    • A termination notice delivered to you by the department. 
    • The only exception to the above two options is if you are promoted from within.  There will be a letter of offer for your new position that documents the change. 
  2. You need to set an appointment with the Postdoc Office for an exit interview.  (30 minutes) 
  3. You need to complete termination procedures within your department (submitting your campus ID badge, closing out parking, contacting the benefits office regarding any self-paid continuation, etc., etc.).  Work with your departmental payroll liaison. 


  1. Reasons:
    1. A new/different job is obtained = by you or your spouse 
    2. Visa expiration occurs
    3. Health issue
    4. Other personal reason 
  2. Write a resignation letter or email (sample/template) and send to: 
    1. supervising mentor
    2. departmental payroll liaison
    3. the PDO (
  3. Negotiate for use of your accrued leave (for before the last official date of work). 
    1. You will not be paid out for it. 
    2. You have to use it during the time you are being paid.  The official end date can come after you’ve included your leave usage.
  4. Set up an appointment for an exit interview with the PDO.  It’ll only take 30 minutes.  It will help all those you’ve left behind. 


  1. Reasons:
    1. End of originally agreed-upon appointment is reached.  
    2. Term limits are reached (six years as a postdoc)
    3. Funding has dwindled/dried up.
    4. Performance is not meeting expectations.
  2. The department needs to issue you a letter of notice of termination, with signatures.
    • The only exception is if you are being promoted within UCD.  The new letter of offer is the documentation showing why the postdoc appointment is ending.
  3. Set up an appointment for an exit interview with the PDO
    1. It’ll only take 30 minutes.  It will help all those you’ve left behind.
    2. If you want, we can discuss your options.