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Post Doctoral

Postdoc Orientation

Now that I'm a Postdoc at UC Denver or AMC, how do I get what I need?

What is your departmental hiring unit responsible for?

  • Setting up your payroll and employment in University systems
  • Assigning your work space/lab and any equipment needed
  • Arranging for campus badge ID, key issue, parking permissions, etc.
  • Informing you of required training due to your research lab or project

TIP: Find out who your payroll liaison is, or the department administrator, and make that person your friend!

What is the Postdoctoral Office (PDO)to you?

  • An advocate: Postdoc fellows have an official office on campus dedicated to postdoctoral employment issues - your issues - ensuring more equitable employment parameters and growing services for fellows campus-wide.
  • A training source: Provides a centralized hub for career-building information and resources.
  • A "community" builder: Provides and encourages interaction of fellows outside of the lab and across disciplines - with the possibility of fomenting lifelong friendships and collegial collaborations - broadening the postdoc experience and one’s network of contacts.
  • A liaison with the University's administration & departments: Streamlining the employment processes and applying policies consistently across disciplines. Eventually, easing the process for grant proposal submission by overseeing campus-wide collection of information for a database accessible to all departments.
  • PDO Program Manager's Role

How can the UCD Postdoctoral Association (PDA) help?

Required training you must complete

A tool to help you and your mentor:

Your Individual Development Plan (IDP) should be completed within 90 days of hire. See details at that site link.

  1. As soon as you have something on paper, make an appointment to discuss the plan with your mentor and be ready to make adjustments based on his/her veteran advice.
  2. Use and adjust this plan throughout your postdoc appointment to measure accomplishments and progress toward career goals.

Why should you do this? See rationale and recommendations from UCD's Postdoctoral Advisory Committee.

UC Denver new employee links

Campus-related contacts and links you’ll need throughout employment

  • Ombuds - where you can obtain confidential assistance for difficult issues
  • UCD's Human Resourcesand University system and University system Employment Services - for help with payroll issues and benefits questions
  • ORDE - for training and assistance on web research and funding opportunities
  • Health Sciences Library - for individual assistance with source searches
  • PDO - for training, jobs and career information and resources