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Post Doctoral

Grievance Procedures for Postdocs

For Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees in job code 1438 at the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses.


Talk about the problem

First, you should always try talking to your mentor about the problem.
If you need help with how to approach that, or help to sort out what you want to do, go to the campus Ombuds office, where your conversation is totally confidential.

Determine the type of grievance

Second, you must decide what kind of grievance you have, and whether you want to start a formal process of investigation.
  1. Does it deal with discrimination of gender, race, religious affiliation, or other such reasons that are protected under law?
    If so, Human Resources is the governing entity. Complaint should be filed with the Employment Rights Compliance and Investigation Officer at 303-315-2724 or sent to "Attn: Compliance Officer" through campus mail to mail stop 130.
  2. Does it deal with research integrity or publication issues?
    If so, the Committee for Research Ethics is the authority with jurisdiction. Contact the Office of Regulatory Compliance for referral.
  3. Does it deal with your appointment parameters, evaluation, or salary? Does is deal with unprofessional behavior in human interaction? 
    If so, this policy document issued by the Postdoctoral Office is your guide for the grievance process.
          Grievance Process Timeline.pdf