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Post Doctoral

Additional Pay Parameters for Postdocs

For Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees in job code 1438 at the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses.

Additional Pay

What should happen is a two-step process:
PRIOR to the work being done, the proposed work and additional pay needs to receive approval from the PDO. The clearest and cleanest arrangement is written into an addendum letter and routed for signatures. This enables a review to make certain the agreement conforms to the policies regarding additional pay for research positions, and that it is okay for the postdoc to go ahead with the work, expecting additional remuneration. There’s almost nothing worse than an expectation unfulfilled because the department made a promise it couldn’t’ keep due to not following policy or procedure properly.
AFTER the work is completed, the APF form is submitted by the department to show it is time to pay the person for the completed work.
What circumstances are acceptable for additional pay for a Postdoc?
It is possible for a Postdoc to earn additional pay, but certain criteria must be present in the circumstance. Many of these are the same as for other employee classes.
  • It is reimbursement for moving expense – and follows that policy.
  • It is part of an official University-sanctioned, employee award program.  
  • It is for truly additional work, not just added assignments within the regular job’s scope. (As exempt employees, all work assigned to the postdoc by the primary job supervisor is considered part of the base position’s work to be completed no matter how long it takes.)
  • The work must be completed outside of and in addition to the work hours required for the base position. The postdoc’s supervisor must agree to the arrangement to see that it does not impact the expectations of the grant sponsor paying the salary of the base position. (Ex: 100% effort required by federal grants.)
  • In all but exceptional cases, the work would be done in a different realm than the usual lab research that is performed in the base position and included in the job description, or at least must be performed for a different lab and type of project altogether. Potentially, short-term teaching assignments, or performing information technology work that is totally different than the normal research, may be considered.
  • The work must be short-term for a specified period of time and covered in one lump sum or flat fee paid out at the end of the work project.
  • Other PDO-approved items on a case-by-case basis. (Ex.: The Postdoc is part of a project where the funder’s agreement/contract calls for attendance at a special workshop that results in a product for the funder and there is a line in the grant budget outlining pay for this very scenario, showing this additional pay is part of the project plan.)
Reference: UCD’s Administrative Policy “Research Assistant/Associate (PRA) - AMC” See especially applicable guidelines at Section G.7, G9-13, and K