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Post Doctoral

2011-2012 Offerings

A postdoc and graduate student training opportunity

*     September 15 – Faculty Advice on Career Transition

A panel of newer faculty discusses, from fresh experience, what you need to know to make a successful transition to an academic faculty position.

                                3:00 p.m.  1006 Research 1 North – West Auditorium

*     October 20 – Legal Issues for Internationals

Specialists in immigration law from Leavy, Frank & Delaney in Washington D.C. present recent developments in immigration law, your legal rights, visa options and permanent residence transitions. 

                    4:00 p.m.  1006 Research 1 North – West Auditorium

*     November 30 - Writing Animal Protocols

IACUC & ORCS Directors provide submission process advice, examples of well   written protocols and common mistakes to avoid.

          3:00 p.m.  1000 Research 1 North - East Auditorium

*     January 18 - What Bio-Companies Are Looking For

Larry Gold, currently CEO of Somalogic, explains what a career pathway in the biomed industry would look like, some of the challenges, and the interview.

                                4:00 p.m.  Research 2 – 2nd floor conference room (Trivisible)

*     March 14 - Grant Writing Tips/Funding a Lab

Sean Colgan, professor of medicine, shares tips on grant writing and strategies for funding a successful research lab. 

                                4:00 p.m.  1006 Research 1 North – West Auditorium

*     May 9 - Grant Writing Process

The Director of Grants and Contracts outlines the grant process at UCD.  What do all those parts mean and how do you meet campus requirements?

          4:00 p.m.  1006 Research 1 North – West Auditorium

*     July (TBA) – Finding Funding to Match Your Idea   

The Director of ORDE reveals how to formulate a cohesive question, and then find the funding to match, along with other tips on writing funded grants.      

                4:00 p.m.  (TBA)


Sponsored by the Training and Educational Development Committee