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Post Doctoral

For Postdoc Mentors

Making Employment Changes for your Postdoc


First and always, make sure to confer with your department administrator regarding internal deadlines and processes that assist you in meeting campus requirements.

Note:   Employment actions must be future-dated.  At minimum, paperwork needs to meet deadlines for the Dean's Postdoc Action Report cycle that precedes the start date.  Minimum lead time is two weeks or better.    PDO Submission Deadlines 2015.pdf

Salary changes 

  • If you want to increase a postdoc's salary, look both at the processes -- there are two of them (annual and off-cycle), and the salary levels the campus has adopted. 
  • For any change in salary, a reason must be given to categorize the action (for data collection purposes).  Feel free to contact the PDO Coordinator at any point with any question:  303-724-2930  

          Salary increase process     

    Current salary/stipend scale: UCD Postdoctoral Stipend-Salary at Initial Hire.pdf 

Other changes

  • Some changes are significant and require paperwork.   One example is for a percent change of 25% or greater, or for above or below 50% time (affecting benefits).   
  • Others are not as labor intensive.  See the differences here under "Job Data".  

                       Making changes in the position or employment status