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Post Doctoral

So you want to hire a Postdoc?

Mentor’s Role in Hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow

First and always, make sure to confer with your department administrator regarding internal deadlines and processes that assist you in meeting campus requirements.


This is up to you and your department. No search is required. If an open search is done, the usual “jobsatcu” posting is done (ask your departmental administrator regarding that process). Advertising your search is also up to the department, but here are some options.

Use this flyer to help recruit, it gives the candidate an idea of what will be available in the way of community support. Postdoc Recruitment.pdf

Also, the benefits page can be used to recruit or inform incoming postdocs of perks here. PD Benefits 3-2015.pdf

Share the PDO website with them so they can peruse what's available.

Hiring Process

Negotiation of terms:

1. You need to be aware of the policy that now governs postdoctoral appointments at UCD, and make an offer commensurate with the policy. revised Policy for Research Postdoctoral Fellows-Trainees April 2013.pdf

2. You are responsible for setting the appropriate minimum salary level that will result in approval. (A salary that is higher than the minimum for experience level will always meet approval. No ceilings, only bottom lines.) Here is the current salary/stipend scale based on years of experience: UCD Postdoctoral Stipend-Salary at Initial Hire.pdf

3. You need to set a realistic start date. Factors that will affect that decision:

    1. Approvals for Postdoctoral Fellow hires are now entered into the Dean's Postdoc Action Reports. Submission of paperwork to the Postdoctoral Office must meet certain deadlines, based on the desired effective date of hire. PDO Submission Deadlines 2015.pdf
    2. Visas sometimes take many weeks to months to reach fruition. Begin the Letter of Offer and hiring packet process early in order to meet the desired start date. This gets sent to the PDO for approval of the hire before processing a visa.
    3. The selected candidate may not obtain his/her degree in as timely a way as expected. It may be wise to submit for a "provisional" appointment: required provisional appointment parameters

NOTE: IF the candidate is not able to begin work on the original start date given in the offer letter, an addendum to that letter must be submitted to the PDO once the actual start date has been determined. (Signatures showing agreement needed.) Addendum to the Postdoctoral Letter of Offer

4. You need to provide a realistic job description. List primary duties/responsibilities with approximate percentages to indicate evaluative weight or time and effort. This is to clarify for the new postdoc what will be expected and how performance will be reviewed and rated.

Preparation of Hiring Packet:

Please work with your departmental payroll liaison to see that all of these items are prepped and forwarded to the departmental administrative staff person responsible for submission to the Postdoctoral Office. Paperwork is scanned and submitted electronically to

Waiting Period

  • Once the packet is submitted to the PDO, it is signed by the Dean of the Graduate School and entered into the Dean’s Postdoc Action Report cycle, and the signed offer letter is returned to the department for obtaining employee signature. (Typical turn-around is two or three days -- unless the Dean is out of the office.)
  • If a visa is needed, the offer letter and any other documentation needs to be sent to ISSS (the International Students and Scholars Services office). Turn around may be several weeks to a few months.
  • Once all documentation has been received or signed and returned to the PDO, the hire can be approved in the University’s Human Resources system.
  • In the case of a foreign national, a Social Security Number must be obtained, so the first actual paycheck may be delayed.

At any point in this process, please contact the Postdoctoral Program Manager, Valerie Saltou, with any questions: 303-724-2930 or