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Post Doctoral

For Faculty Evaluating Postdoctoral Performance

This applies to all Fellows in job code 1438.


First and always, make sure to confer with your department administrator regarding internal deadlines and processes that assist you in meeting campus requirements. 

There are two parts to completing the required Annual Performance Review (APR).


You may use whatever evaluation tool your department may have developed if it suits your purposes. 

What is required by UCD's Postdoctoral Policy is to file annually a "public record" of a performance rating with the Postdoctoral Office.  It also has a section for updating the postdoc's annual salary. 

This is the form:  2013 POSTDOC Annual Performance Rating Sheet - Copy.doc

This is the process:  Evaluation process at UC Denver

Also useful might be these items:

         NPA Core-Competencies.pdf               NPA Competency-Checklist.pdf